5 Door Ford Mondeo, from the factory

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The earlier pictures I posted were of the 4 door sedan.
Again, I think this is the perfect Mercury… (But who the hell am I ?)

This one is my favorite. A local worker practicing sign language.

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  1. I am assuming this car is made in Britain for Europe.
    And as far as the middle finger, nobody said Ford Employees are articulate : )-

  2. I drive imports, BUT, IF FORD brought this 5 door to the USA, I would seriously consider it!
    But, as per usual, I bet Ford will send us nothing here in the U.S.
    Why, Ford, Why? Can’t ya understand why your sales stink? You give us the 500/Fusion(ok vehicles) and keep Great Stuff liek this overseas!

  3. Vince, I really believe Mercury is on track with the Milan & should be given a chance. Tho I DO like the Bondeo too… how about sell it thru Jag as an honest X-Type replacement?

  4. You might think I’m racist for saying this, but East Asians don’t have much dignity in themselves compared to Westerners, especially Americans. I’m a Chinese-American myself, in case you were about to blow up on me.

    So what does this have to do with cars?

    Well, not having much dignity means that you’re always looking up to others and willing to improve on your products/company. Since Ford of America has so much dignity, they’re stubborn and not willing to improve by bringing in their European designs because that would mean their American division sucks. GM has a different kind of stubborn dignity. They keep using American patriotism in their marketing, with Cadillac’s “Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit.” and Chevy’s “An American Revolution” campaigns. I’m not sure how many people those kinds of would respond favorably to that kind of advertising. It’s especially dumb for Cadillac, since it’s trying to go after import buyers.

  5. I hope that poor worker does not come as standard equipment – with his cramp in the middle finger…uhhhh.
    This car will be producedin several locations, most likely in Belgium and Cologne, Germany.

  6. This car is easily the best looking affordable 4 door in the world. Hear that ford?

    And you have to laugh when people ask where are all ford small fuel efficient cars. Yes, they do have them, but they are sitting in europe, south america, asia etc…

  7. Ford doesnt build any cars in the UK since the last generation Ford Fiesta. It will be built in Germany

  8. i hate to be a broken record, but this is what the Fusion should have been. I would buy this over the Accord/Camry/Altima.

    FORD, what is the story? the money you will lose in sales will convert any one of your factories to be able to build this car in America.


  9. The only thing I don’t like about this beauty is its 70’s egg-crate grill. And I’m being very picky.

  10. For the one poster: this is Not a 4 door(well, there is one, but this isn’t it). This is the FIVE(5) Door version,(a much better, makes more sense version) and not really an “economy” car, per-se(like a Focus).
    I agree with the other poster about Ford must not like America.
    The Fusion is tolerable, but comapred to this, it does nothing for me.
    And a sedan, too(the Fusion). Why bother, vs 5 door like this Mondeo,m which would be much more ueful to haul stuff.
    This is how a 5 door SHOULD Look. Chevy’s Malibu Maxx was just chunky/clunky looking.
    It looked like they took 3 different cars, and cut sections out, and made the Maxx(short rear end, Big-Long doghouse, and short-ish front end).
    This looks SMOOTH, like it is one car, one piece.

    The one poster above thought it was a sedan!
    That’s how good it is.
    It is not akward looking.

    Here hoping the Mullah(hwoever ya spell his name, new CEO of Ford, who took over last month)….. has some sense, and brings this over here(even if they must…add the “new” Ford Razor-Blade-looking grille).
    This is sharp enough to even withstand that indignaty!

  11. I am a ford worker and it is sad to see that they have decent cars to produce and they only produce over sees! We could make these cars right now in the usa and do well in this market. First, i have friends and family who only buy fords to show support to me.I have at least ten people who does this. Now, why would you get rid of 70,000 people like me who have that type of support! I did not even mention that i also by ford.Would you get rid of a base that deep to pitch your cars to people that don’t even like or drive your product? That is what is happening, the biggest sabatage to be seen in history!Henry ford is rolling in his grave!

  12. re: fixitdude,

    Dude, your grammar and spelling is shocking. I fear that this is one reason Ford is being forced to build in Mexico… they figure that if they are going to employ uneducated workers, Ford might as well not pay the premium of union wages for them.

    That said, this car is really sweet. If Ford could get it here (ideally, built domestically) it would sell like crazy. It could be as competitive as the 1986 Taurus was and potentially blow away the dullard Camry.

  13. why wont ford bring this here? ill tell you,ford knows that their avrage customer will put up with there plain, drab , cheese , still using live rear axels in 2006 cars.

  14. re. anonymous

    We are into commenting on the cars and the designs. This is not a spelling bee. No one is searching blogs for incorrect spelling, but appropiate content of your blog. Before you go on ranting about what someone says, you should proofread yourself. First, Vince has better things to do than prooofread blogs all day! Second, if so he would of told you the meaning of the word dullard, n. person who is stupid and learns very slowly! When i read your re. to me i laughed so hard when i read the part about the dullard camry. That sentence made no sense at all! If you are in denial, look it up. Hey, before you throw stones make sure you are out of the glass house!

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