Actual pictures of the new Chery concepts

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I think they look pretty nice. Italian designs I hear…

Have you noticed they seem to have 2 names for the yellow coupe…

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  1. They look impractical and expensive to produce. And looks don’t sell vehicles, quality does. I don’t see how Chery will make these inexpensive, practical, reliable, and high quality, while keeping costs down. It’s a pipe dream.

  2. ????????????????????????????
    Rate Exchanges: look em up.
    Guess you have not heard the oct 26, 2006 Bloomberg tv deal with Mr Bricklin, describing Chrysler.Chery deal (should be announced before Christmas)… they are building a plant in China(Costs Waaaaaaaaaaaaay less than Mexico, S Korea, about anywhere, to build anything there, vs USA, etc).It will be a modren plant, meeting USA standards(and European stds)….for their cars.

    Anyhow, are you real?

    I’ll give ya a simple example: When I was in the military, in the 80’s, and travelled over seas….and had soem time to sight see a few countries. My Dollars were()in most cases) worth more than the local currency(their dollar, whatever they called it in “X” country we were in).

    if you go to Britian, it’d take soemtihng like(now) $1.95 American to get $1.00 (1 pound).
    But, in say another coutnry(Spain, or whatever) our dollar is worht more…. saying our dollar might be worth 1.50 in another country, So if you went to exchange money at a bank, you 10 USA bucks might be worth 15 in their country. So you make out pretty good.

    Now, I am not sure what our money is vs Chinese right now, but from what I READ(yes, reading informs you of factual information),
    These guys could build a car that might usually cost 25,000msrp (for us to buy) in American dollars(if built here or canada or maybe even in mexico)..BUT, 30% LESS than in China(if they build it in China, it’s be 7,500 LESS to sell in USA to get their profits).

    Anyhow, if THINK when looking at this stuff; it’s all Compact and Sub-compact vehicles.
    The one car screams tC(except for the 3rd door on this 3 door sporty hatch).
    tC cost only 17, 299 wiuth automaitc, sunroof, cruise, MP3, FROM JAPAN. Probably cost 14,000 from China, same equiptment(once they changed over our U.S. Dollars for whatever they call their cash in China… and to them, it’d be like getting 17,299).Remember:
    Rate Exchanges: Look it up!

  3. last-gen mercury cougar front lights/end and tC everything else.Not bad for a little sporty car.
    Bricklin is saying that these cars will be sold:
    1) Like Saturns: No Haggle Pricing.
    2) 10/100K(Hyundai-like) warranty.
    3) About 30% cheaper than anyone
    else could sell them for(well, he said it was for the luxury vehicles they plan to sell…and I read they do have a BMW engineer working for Chery now?… all they need is some good robotics and parts, too… and away they go!).

  4. all 5(?) Chinese concepts form Chery. The sprty sedan is Fungeng(some weird name?)….and they have a 5 door that looks like an Audi of sorts called A3.They have a really bad miniv-suv thing(really nasty)… but the rest look good.No real hard information, as they said on the site, they gotta translate the info on the Chinese autoblog.But, the pix()like Vince posted) and other 3 vehicles, are on vince…. ).

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