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I did post a picture of the “CUV” from China before, but I am still amazed how close they got to the Kia Sorento and the new Santa Fe.
It almost looks like a joke.
Like someone in its garage crafted a Santa Fe front end on its Kia.

And look at the interior!
Ann almost perfect copy of the Sorento!

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  1. After reading soooo many posts about China copying this and that, I feel I should share what I have come to understand.

    In order for any automaker to sell cars in China, they use to require a joint effort between the foreign automaker with a domestic automaker. Of course since China didn’t really have any domestic automaker (semi-private), it was really all foreign effort with domestic brand name; but they get their foot into the door of the worlds largest pool of consumers.

    Fast forward to now…most of the so called ‘copies’ you see, are really a mix of what China automakers already have the right to produce. I mean they are suppose to be only for sale in China, but I don’t know what kinds of deals they have between companies of the joint effort…?!?

    That is not to say ALL are legal, because there are SOME copy right issues. Most recent is the Smart Fortwo. However, ‘most’ are produced legally, just under China’s domestic brand. That is why most of the cars you see are similar or exactly the same as produced by GM, Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu…etc. They are probably just required to wear the Domestic Brand Name in order to be sold in China.

    This is the short version that may explain some “similarities” between some cars. They are NOT exactly pirated copies as most claim they are.

  2. This is no joke; just Hyundai-Kia Chinese partners want a piece of business of their own and shamelessly use the same component bin to build their own cars. That just everyone’s experience in doing business with China, your Chinese partners always want to double cross you and take over.

  3. Let me tell you all how it’s going to go. China will do what we want, when we want and we will, within 10 years, OWN, the auto industry in America. There’s is no stopping us and americans don’t have what it takes to boycott us. Price is too too important!

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