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Opel Astra that is.
We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the Saturn version.

But as it is the norm in the US, this sedan should be the most popular version and quite an improvement over the old Scion.
At last it looks solid.
I mean, it’s not the best looking car ever, but at least, it can go hold its own against the Civic and the next Corolla.

I think the biggest casualty will be the Chevrolet Cobalt. The Astra should be a bit more expensive, but not by much.
And it should have a much higher quality feel and drive like a more upscale car.

I wonder what’s next for the Cobalt. A car that was pretty much outclassed as soon as it came out…

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  1. not as cool looking as the concepts ya showed us earlier this year, Vince.
    It’s tolerable.
    I wouldn’t buy one if ya gave it to me(GM ) .

    GM does nothing for me(see Cobalt).

    They should just have Toyota build a new small car for them, like they did the Prism.

  2. Vince. I see your comments about the Cobalt, but still think it’s a solid car — even if a bit underwhelming. For 2008, GM is supposed to give the Cobalt (and the G5) a substantial mid-cycle update. Since the new Malibu will debut at the NAIAS with the “global” Chevy look, GM is expected to give the same style treatment to the Cobalt so they both conicide for a 2008 release. I guess they’re hoping for a bigger impact in the market by updating them both for that model year.

    But the rumor is that the Cobalt is supposed to retain the 2.2 and 2.4L engines with some small updates while the SS/Supercharged model will drop the 2.0L S/C engine in favor of the Solstice GXP/Sky RedLine’s 2.0L Turbo. We know for a fact that the engine is coming for the Chevy HHR as it’s been seen testing. Since the HHR and the Cobalt/G5 share the same mechanicals, it’s probably a definite that the engine will make it to the Cobalt as well.

    As for the rest, the exterior is supposed to be revamped to look more aggressive (and take the new Chevy “look” like previously said), the interior is supposed to be revamped and some more features will be added. So it should almost look like a new car — but the greenhouse will stay the same as that would probably be a bit much for a mid-life update.

    Also, the G5 is supposed to get “updated” as well so that it looks distinct from the Chevy version — something they’ve failed to do at it’s launch, but understandable since the Mid-Cycle Update was only a year off.

    The rumor on G5 is that its going to get a front end similar to the one on the concept G6 GXP coupe’s front end (the Concept GXP Coupe’s front end is supposed to be the new “look” for the G6 when it has it’s own Mid-Cycle Update in a year — but before then a GXP coupe looking nearly identical to the concept is supposed to debut with either a massaged 3.6L V6 OR an updated version of the 3.9L V6 with 3 valves per cylinder). Regardless the G5 will probably get the same updated interior as the Cobalt with a few tweaks, but the exterior is supposed to look distinctive and a sedan is to be added after the update.

    That’s what we’ve been reading on this.

    Just adding my two cents.

  3. Vince,
    I agree on the Cobalt.
    Give GM credit, it is a vast improvement over the old Cavalier. However, it is outclassed by even Hyundai. It did it’s job and got GM back in the small car biz (You see Cobalts everywhere)
    I think GM should make sell the next Astra in two versions. The next Cobalt & the next Saturn.
    Sheetmetal changes, and a new dash for the Cobalt and that’ that. A few million(s) in the tooling & development and Chevy AND Saturn are back in the game taking on Honda & Toyota right off the bat.
    Some may say it’s too soon for a Cobalt redo. But remember that the Corolla & Civic used to have 4 year lifespans.

    On a side note Vince,
    GM has the opportunity to redesign the Canyon & Colorado. With some sheetmetal, and a new interior they could make a big leap in sales. The 4cylinder & 5 are getting power upgrades. Just put some less unattractive sheetmetal and a small clone of the new full sized pick-up interiors and they’d increase sales by 40% easily.

    Geez Vince, put me in charge of GM for 3 years and they’d put Toyota in bankruptcy!

  4. I like this. It needs to be the Ion replacement today. Why does GM always give Americans a platform that is old and stale? They treat us like red-headed step-children.

  5. I think the Astra looks nice. I hope that they don’t change too much on the way to production for our market.

    I also wonder if this will be cost competitive if it’s imported.

  6. Old Scion? Vince don’t you mean old ION.?!?!?
    With that said, I like the looks of this Astra and hope to see it as a Saturn on U.S. roads real soon.

  7. I’ll keep my “old” SCION( well, by 75,000 miles, an engine is considered by some as “old”, so in 2 months, we’ll be there with our 2004 Scion tC)tC over this any day of the week( you know it’ll cost more. They gotta pay those retiree bennies somehow, and I read they tack on 1,500 per car just for the bennies alone).

  8. nice looking car, looks upscale especially the piano black finish, but didnt the scion tc get recalled because toyota didnt desighn the sunroof correctly…lol, a 2 door version of a car that has been out for how long? whats the difference…..

  9. In response to the first comment… the Prism failed, as has nearly every Toyota/Chevy collaboration. No one can do bland quite like Toyota.

    This car is very very sharp. The Cobalt isn’t a bad car. I mean the bones are good, but it fails in the design and in the details. The Astra appears to be vastly more substantial in the areas where the Cobalt is weak.

  10. Why! Why does anything having to do with GM lead to Toyota Bashing. Toyota have enough emotional soul that alot of people buy there products. They have recalls just like all other carmakers, O.K.!

    If America had National Heathcare like all other countries. Domestic Carmakers could easily compete. Develope and Some not Develope Countries can provide Healthcare for their citizens.

    Back to original posting this vehicle looks fine. GM has been doing great Designs since Lutz has beeen around. Well some have been nice, the Impala/Malibu not so much.

  11. Look, Let me put this simply.
    The interior looks so 1999(or earlier) in design.
    The exterior makes the Astra look like a more costly vehicle.
    Since I do not sit on the outside of the car to drive…..even Suzuki’s interiors(see SX4, for an updated example), are better looking these days than this.
    Is it enough to get me onto the lots? Most likely no.

  12. No one can do bland quite like Toyota.

    Yeah, sure, because the Malibu, the Grand Prix, the Cobalt, the Ion, the Vue, the Lucerne, the Uplander, the Equinoxs, the Monte Carlo, the Rendezvous, the LeCrosse, and the Impala are such cutting-edge marvels.

    And that’s just getting started on GM not to mention Ford.

  13. When I scroll down the webpage past the Astra Sedan, I see a resemblance to Volvo S40 mostly in profile. That’s not a bad thing, either.

    Anonymous said…

    In response to the first comment… the Prism failed, as has nearly every Toyota/Chevy collaboration. No one can do bland quite like Toyota.

    The Prism wasn’t much more than ultra reliable transportation, but the Corolla wasn’t either. The Prism was just blander.

    On the other hand, Toyota and GM have had very good success with the Matrix/Vibe combo based on the Corolla platform, but I think it’s because of more flexibility, room, and great gas mileage.

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