Better pictures of the Evolander concept

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I think it does look really nice.
And you guys were right, the engine is a 300hp version of the V6.

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  1. “Anonymous said…
    Sheesh! Just get a freakin sports car instead of a puffed up baby carrier.

    4:41 AM”

    Obviously you have no kids…’cause car enthusiast dads need just this…a puffed up, 300hp baby carrier that will put a smile on juniors face riding in the back while daddy smokes Scion tCs all day.
    Saturn tried this with the VUE…but 200hp is hardly good enough…this Evolander is promising…sign me up!

  2. Obviously you have no kids

    Actually, I have three boys.

    Hey, I’m glad you like the Mitsu, and it would put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. It just seems silly to me as do most SUVs.

    My youngest boy loves to strap into our S2000 for some rev-screaming, road-carving fun. The rest of the time, our Volvo wagon carries us around just fine.

  3. why would you waste your time going after scion tc’s? also, if you want a sports car like drive then you buy a sports car, if you want to take your kids to the game then buy a suv or a sadan.wait they do make sports sedans.I really do believe that you cannot take an suv and make it move like a sports car… really.

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