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Still almost completely covered.
They are now saying this will not be sold in Europe.
But it should make it in the US by 2008 with both a 3.8 Liter V6 and a 4.5 Liter V8.
They also claim to compete with the Lexus LS, BMW 7 series and Mercedes S Class.

Big words…
I think this might be close to what the 1st LS was back in… The days it came out. When they did claim it was as good as the S class. I remember the MSRP was $35 000. Well under the S class and even lower than what the E class was at the time.
In other words: a good deal.
And remember, Lexus was totally unknown.
So there has always been a market for a good Luxury car priced below the competition (Unlike the Phaeton).

This could work….

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  1. Vince, you got some info wrong there. First of all, this is competing with the 5-Series and somewhere around there. Also, this will be equipped with Hyundai’s new 4.6L V8 that produced 340HP, found on the HCD-8 or HCD-9 concept (I forgot which one..).

  2. Wow-I don’t think this is anything like the original Lexus. That brand started with a clean slate and with no preconceived notions (unknown is sometimes a good thing). A fresh dealer network, flawless engineering, and Toyota’s deep pockets built that brand into what it is today. Hyundai: Learn from the Phaeton!

  3. I’m just still a little bit uneasy about this car. It’s definately a humongo risk for an automobile company that doesn’t have any history at all with the ultra-luxury segment. What next, a $40,000 600 horsepower Murcielago competitor from Hyundai??

  4. The base price for the Lexus LS400 in 1989 was exactly $35 000 plus $350 destination.
    The V8 had 250 hp, less than today’s Carmy….

  5. I know it is closer to the 5 series.
    But Hyundai still claims their new car will go against the 7 series.

  6. Vince,

    Lexus started from Toyota, not from unknown brand. Before that, Toyota had many years of experience. How many year total, Hyundai cars exist?

    I’d buy it, if only 17 years from today, Hyundai cars = #1 most reliable …. consecutively.

    People love to root for the underdog, so some of them would buy a 35K Hyundai. I’ve no doubt about that.

  7. I think Hyundai might have a problem selling luxury cars over $35 000.
    In the L.A area, I have seen only a handfull of Azeras since they came out.
    It is a good car . And a great car for the price.
    But people just don’t even know it’s out there.
    I’m not sure what makes them think they will do better with a larger and even more expensive model….

  8. Hey Vince, can you give me some proof that Hyundai claimed to make the BH compete with the 7er? A few of our fellow forum members from CSS work for Hyundai and state that they are supposed to compete in the league of the 5-Series. Also pricing is likely going to start off from the price of the Azera Limited and with all the to-be options like Navi, Bluetooth and other gadgets may add it up to around $40K. Your comparison with the original 1989 Lexus pricing and the speculated pricing is off as today’s dollar is way more than 17 years ago. Replying to the guy who commented about Hyundai building a Murcielago next, you need to rethink your statement for a sec. There will be a time when Hyundai might build something like that but we won’t see it for 10 years. Right now, let’s just wait for the Sonata Coupe vowing in 2008 and the RWD Tiburon scheduled to debut as MY2009. Hyundai is more than what you think.

  9. thank god we live an a country where we can buy a cadillac or a lincoln for the same price as foreign garbage

  10. Is this the Equus? the V8, I read, was a co-operation between Hyundai/Mitsubishi. As for Azera’s, I have seen a few. I mainly see Elantra’s and Accents(06 and 07).
    Why? People where I live don’t make 15-20 per hour.
    They can’t afford a Sonata , even.

  11. The current Equus is actually an older Mitsubishi model biult under license.
    I had a few drives in one a few years ago.
    It certainly is no worse than a Town Car.
    I think the next one might not be connected to Mitsubishi anymore.

  12. From what I understand, this vehicle will be sold as the new Hyundai Dynasty in its home market, which is essentially a BMW 5-series/Lexus GS-sized RWD sedan with V6 or V8 power. There is also an Equus, which is slightly larger and V8 powered only. I’m sure the next Equus will square with the 7-series and Lexus LS.

  13. The said the same thing about the 23-25k Hyundai XG when it first came out, it sold very well, i think a $35,000 Hyundai is possible, Hyundai should take a chance,VW charges over 30,000 for a V6 Passat, Companies that usually takes chances usually succeed

    Hyundai should have a luxury division maybe people would take it more seriously.

  14. rear 3/4 looks like altima. New Altima has landed but NNA (Nissan North America) is not backing it with agressive finance or lease programs???? that’s what they need, since Camry has been out for a while. In Canada, they have no backbone, the management will not program the car properly to be successful. To sell, you need 3 things, (1) PRODUCT, (2) PRICE, (3) PROGRAMS!!!!!

  15. Azera wins JD Powers APEAL award.Another Award:Sonata won car of the year over at…for Mid-sized family sedan for 2006 models.Guess if Hyundai keeps this up, they’ll win with this large “luxury: sedan, when it’s released?

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