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No name for this one.
But you guessed it, it is another Chinese copy.
This time the front is straight from the new Santa Fe.
The rest of it looks like the Sorento.

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  1. Now the Koreans are being copied? I’m sure they take that as a compliment. It’s a testament in how far they’ve come in just a short period of time from making total crap to decent vehicles.

  2. well, Ya know, Hyundai and another chinese maker build cars over there. This could be the Chinese version(from Hyundai- Chinese partner) of the Santa Fe(legit)?

  3. “vince no one cares about these cars please stop posting so many articles on them!!!!”
    Some people care. And I care.
    As it is my blog I still can choose what car I can talk about.
    I am interested in cars from all over the world. And that does include China.
    There is an Auto Show in China very soon so you’ll see even more cars from there on this site.

    I suggest you spend your time on “non Chinese cars blogs” instead of here…

  4. You Tell ‘Em Vince!
    The designs on some of these cars-like the Chery cars ya posted- are great!!!!!
    Hey, the more the merrier! Nothing like competition to keep the other(older) makers on their toes!
    Doin’t we have some other(Italian) makers coming (back) into USA, too , by 09-10?

    Bring em all here! We need more choices.

    I’m like Vince, if they build them(anywhere) I wanna know about ’em!
    And, like Vince said… ya don’t like it, don’t look(basically).

    Even Chrylser is working with Chery(or will be…an announcement should take place before the end of Dec 06)…..
    to make a small car, and maybe the Hornet, which looks interesting, too!

    I’m waiting for mahindra&mahindra to bring their SUV here next year or two(India(n) truck maker…used to make Jeep Willy’s at one time).

    Vietnam and Malaysia could be here by 2015! who knows?
    Bring em all!

  5. If its cheap I will buy it..life and death is all upto god so plz dont be scared…these are quality cars from china…
    You cant survive a single day without products made in china….
    your toothbrush to the clothes that you wear are made in China….
    Respect to china and people of china.
    Good job china..

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