BMW 8 series to compete with Mercedes CLS?

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  1. the old 8 series was bmw’s flagship car v8 and v12 and those windows like the cl and clk (bmw did that before mercedes) and it costed more than the 7 series, why would “if” they made a new one compete with a car priced against the 6 series…..if a new 8 series was created based off what it used to be it would compete with the mercedes cl…

  2. This doesn’t look half bad. I think I would buy this if it looks this good. Looks better than the current 7 series.

  3. This is a pic of BMW’s proposed CLS fighter…it will not be called an 8 series though.
    It will be a 6 series variant with a single alpha digit, then 6 (maybe D6 or J6?) who knows…remember the L7 from waaay back when? Anyway…I think it has a chance, a good one too…AUDI and Jaguar are readying their renditions as well. Let see if the Japanese will jump on board or not. Imagine a Lexus HS430

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