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Another one from the Chinese Auto show.
This time, a coupe version of the sedan that was presented last year.
I think the sedan is already on sale in some European countries for around $20 000.
Although I am not 100% sure.

The sedan was designed in Italy . I’m not so sure about the coupe.
The rear lights do look a bit weird, but I guess they wanted something different. And forget about the show car red interior.

To me, it doesn’t look bad. Especially if it is priced at around $20 000.
If ever sold in the states it would go against the upcoming Altima coupe. And it could be about $5000 less with similar equipment.

Would a $5000 difference be enough for people to get into an all new brand with no track record whatsoever???

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  1. not bad looking this or the sedan, i agree with the whole track record thing but i believe if either of the brilliance cars ive seen the sedan and this coupe were sold as different brands people would buy them, they both are nice looking, the sedan would have made a nice sonata, not the current one isnt nice looking(if not a little to honda accord) the brilliance looks more upscale, and this coupe would make nice replacement for the tiburon

  2. Rock N Roll!!!!!!! Bring Em On!
    Too bad Chery won’t be here for about 2 more years, and I’ll need a new car about the time they have only been here for maybe 1 full year(I could wait a year, see how their 2 year reliability holds up).

  3. $5k is not enough to compete with a well established brand like Nissan. Assuming it will be equipped and able to perform similar to the Altima, I say $10k cheaper and they will sell. Oh, don’t forget a good warranty like Hyundai to back it up!

  4. The buyers of cheap chinese junk will feel just as good as people who buy Rolex knockoffs on Canal St. in New York, 3 days later.

  5. BTW: Design of the Coupe is by Porsche. The M3 is in serial production already for several months now. My preferred color is the metallic blue!
    The M3 is built on the BMW assembly line.

    Michael, Shanghai

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