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Just a few more pictures of a good looking Chinese sedan.
Engineered with the help of BMW and Porsche. With a design by Giugiaro.

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  1. This looks like something(exterior) that Pontiac would build, to go “upscale”. Kind of looks like a tweaked, last generation Grand Am,and the interior is nice enough, but still looks like this should be competing in the family sedan, Midsized class(and FWD), for 18-23K(tops!).
    Not bad, just not “BMW” feel to it, with the plastic, fake wood trim, Pontiac-exterior.

  2. It looks more of a bmw than a Pontiac Grand am. Look at the bmw7 or bmw3, it has the similar sytling cues of the hood. As for the interior, bmw has that wood grain that looks really close like it.

  3. please this BMW comparison has got to stop. Yes BMWs may be ugly, but in terms of quality plastics and finishing inside and out the bmw shits on this car. Even most japanese and korean cars would leave significant borwn skid marks over this car….

    These plastics are worse than those in a Ford F250- well maybe not that bad…

  4. this looks better than almost any Chrysler interior, or Chevy/Pontiac, or Buick. Ford? Don’t know.
    This looks good, like Vince said. If the price were right, I bet many people would take a chance.

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