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That’s right, SLS.
A long wheelbase (+4 inches) version of the STS for the Chinese market.
So far, not for the US…

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  1. Must be many chauffeur-driven limos in China. In front of most of the 5 star hotels in Beijing there were Buick Centuries and Honda Accords–all black and shiny–for executives to hire.

    So, it makes sense for Cadillac to join the others.

    By the way, Buick is VERY strong in China–GM is doing a great job there!

    As for the Honda Accords, all were 4 cylinder sedans that looked classy, indeed. Personal bias here because my car is an ’04 Accord Sedan which I never thought of as an executive limo. But it’s certainly good enough for that purpose except that the Accord is fun to drive IMO.

  2. I like the fact that Cadillac has taken some of the “edge” off of their design. It makes the cars much better looking.

  3. bmw also did this for the chinese market, there is a long wheelbase 5 series sold over there also. will be getting this new grill design over here?

  4. expect to see the interior carry-over to the MY08 STS in the US. (minus the rear console)

    with a more aggressive front treatment!

    (find the interior pics, they are fantastic, and VERY similar to new CTS interior)

  5. chinese japanese , dirty knees , look at these pieces of shit they are pawning off. GM is in trouble, shame on them, looking to china for salvation, the great american company. they are now americanese!!!

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