Changes for the Lucerne?

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Not sure what, but they are testing something on the Buick Lucerne (maybe a gas cap that closes tight…)
It doesn’t look like anything is new in the design, so it might be a new engine.
Maybe the latest GM V6 will finally make it in there.

It’s not big news but hey, it is Sunday after all….

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  1. Well, I’m guessing there is some sort of V-6 in there since it’s got the 3 port holes on the front fender. I would’nt mind GM changing the rear tail lights on this car. The current ones look kinda odd to me. Hey does anyone know what that thingamabob over the rear wheel is. Are they possibly testing an allwheel drive version, or dare I say, a rear wheel drive version?

  2. the 3 holes are buick trademark for its flag ship vehicles – used to symbolize stronger engine variant, I think

    don’t know who came up with these fender holes first, buick or BMW (Z3), never like them since they don’t mean anything (like those holes on Land Rover flag-ship POS)

    the speculation that they’re testing new engine is logical since the current buick engines are WEAK & NOT EFFICIENT (HP-MPG ratio)

    or maybe, they’re testing new “quiet Steel” materials… since they’re trying so hard to compete with Lexus, in term of cabin isolation

  3. Three ports on each side(total of six) means v-6, four ports on each side(total of eight) means v-8. But the question of what that thing on the rear wheel is remains. Anyone know? I know it measures something, but what?

  4. Yeah, Buick started in the ’30s, dropped them in the ’70s, and only brought them back again when Bob Lutz saw them used successfully on the Maserati Quattroporte. Now everyone from Range Rover to Cadillac and even Ford are jumping back on the fender vent bandwagon.

  5. Thanks 10:26. I was hoping for an awd system. I’m hoping the awd system makes it to the new Aura and Malibu. AWD would be nice if there was a Redline Aura or SS Malibu.

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