Chery A3 (again…)

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First time I see the interior.
And you know what? I think it looks better than the US Focus.
Unless the “new” one we’ll get next year is way better than the current model.

So far this little car seems at least as nice as what we get over here.
As I said before, at least on paper. But if it drives nice and the quality ends up being average, people should start worrying…

Chery is coming to the US, that much we know.

The little unassuming Hyundai Excel was the best selling import in the country when it came out. Even with bad quality.

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  1. i think interior looks pretty good, not a bad looking car, the comment above makes no sense why people use car blogs to voice opinions that dont even remotely relate to cars i have no idea, but oh well. but again not a bad looking car chery, brilliance, geely seem to be the only brands making halfway original desighns

  2. there is no way this carp can mc ompete with the focus.
    focus is still better than most cheap japanes cars you
    wwh at t
    something is wron g with you people

  3. it kind of does look like a pontiac le mans, and sdcarnut, u have waaaay too much time on ur hands to make all of those links

  4. u have waaaay too much time on ur hands to make all of those links…
    not really it actually takes a couple of minutes !!!! so dont be a hater !

  5. This actually looks decent. But Chery was always one of the better Chinese automakers in terms of originality and style. Not a lot of copying from that brand, which makes them more legitimate to compete in the North American market. That said, the side of this does look a lot like the side of the Taurus. I don’t think it looks like the Euro Focus at all. More like an Italian hatchback or something. I mean that in a good way. Oh, and that interior looks really nice. Like a concept car interior. Hopefully it makes it to production.

  6. In australia we have the new focus. And i can asure you its better than this chinese thing. Whilst maybe not as visually attractive, the interior is lightyears ahead with plastics, and has overall quality on the same par as europeans (such as the A3, vauxhall/hoden astra, volvo s40). Furthermorethe dyanmics are well controlled and the sports version (called XR5) is a real ripper with its grunty five cyclinder engine.

  7. Chery uses it own engine supplier to make it engines, chery will be have low resale value at first just like Hyundai did but it will get better in time, im tired of people bagging chinese and korean vehicles when they as just good as japanese vehicles, both vehicles will offer great price advantages

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