Chery Lei concept coupe

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Designed in Italy.

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  1. tC and Civic= Lei Coupe?
    Whatever they do…. bring it here within 3 years, when ti’s time for me to buy another vehicle!
    I did read they(Chery/Visionary Vehicles) Will bring a Hyundai-like warranty to the table.
    That’s a good thing.

  2. I wouldn’t buy a chinese car is they were cheaper than cheap!

    Bad enough china owns our debt and shamelessly copies or bootlegs our products.

    They stifle their society and have damaged the environment more then the US has done since the 1800’s.

    The worst thing you want to see is a Chinese car on American roads.

  3. the “6:07 am” poster: Chinese products,like that which drives the (V6 enigne, made in China) Equinox, in Chevy?

  4. Look at those headlights, such a jib of the infiniti m series and the new g-35 ones too. Looks hideous, ill be sure to crash my ram into them if i see them on the road

  5. Cool headlights. Do they only beam like that when it’s foggy? Or are they lasers designed to zap you blind so you cant see how crappy Chinese cars are? This is yet another meaningless doodle drawing.

  6. It’s probably not even designed by them. The problem with Chinese companies is that they can’t engineer or design their own stuff so they always have to either copy or steal others.

    They don’t have the capability, it’s like any stuff that comes from China, they are all manufactured there but it’s probably designed somewhere else like the US.

    I don’t think their car will cum to ours shores because they will probably never pass a single crash test by the IIHS. They just don’t have the expertise to do it or they can just ask some other company (parts supplier) to engineer it for them.

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