Chrysler Nassau Concept

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This is supposed to be one of these “4 door coupe” cars like the mercedes CLS.
I am not too crazy about these fake coupes, but this one might show us the face (or close) of the next Chrysler 300.

After the weird Sebring, this might actually be pretty nice looking…

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  1. Nice. Real aggressive looking. I hope Mercedes still has a part in the engineering though, otherwise I would’nt think much of it. Sorry, I’m not a big fan of Chrystler.

  2. yeah, nice.
    The sebring, to me, only main issues are:
    1)hard Plastics that are not done in a manner akin to say even a Kai Optima(only car worse is the current Malibu… that is Tupperware king…the new 08 ya showed us is 10x’s better)…..
    2)MSRP: = about 1,500 too much, all models.
    Unless that is for “built-in” rebates down the road, when sales slow down.
    This thing looks good(it seems Chryslers cars costing 23K and up look good, the rest are ok, and have worst, or 2nd to worst interiors in the business these days).

  3. Not bad looking, but too Lincoln MKS for me. 300 had presence and character, whether you like it or not. But from the image, this is kinda ehh~~

  4. If they’d used this design for the Sebring, maybe it could have sell at a “Chrysler price”… wait a sec… maybe it’d just plain SELL.

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