Details on the Chery A3

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It was actually designed in Italy by Pininfarina.
Comes with power windows, DVD player, DVD navigation, 4 airbags, ABS, ESP.

So far, on paper at least, it isn’t so bad. Better than Korean cars from just a few years ago. And better looking too.

My main problem would be to buy a car from a company that last year got a $ 3 billion investment (or gift) from the Chinese government.
This means they don’t really care about making money. They can lose as much as they want as long as they gain market share.
All other car companies have to make money to survive.
It will just create a completely unfair situation for everyone else.

But at the end of the day, I’m not really lose any sleep over this…

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    This says Geeley(sp? or Geely)… and Chery are Independent(of Chinese govt?).
    I did read Chinese(govt) is trying to develop it’s own car deal, etc….

    Vince, you always tell the truth…. but are you sure it was Chery/3billion dollar gift?
    I looked it up and could not find anything except the possibel Chrysler/Chery tie-up and the Fiat-Chery engine deal.

    Anyhow………take care/not offense.

  2. I read the story abut the $3 billion well over a year ago. when they 1st announced their export intentions.


  3. If the price is right it will be hit in the united states, love the looks it will turn heads, very good for a chinese vehicle.

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