Dr.Phil look alike introduces the new Sebring

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Just a quick picture of a Chrysler suit introducing the new convertible.
Don’t really care what the speech really was. They all introduce their new models as the second coming.

I think the “old” one still looks very good compare to this.

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  1. Agreed. The styling of this thing is terrible. It’ll be nice to rent though. Chrysler’s designs have gone downhill quickly. They used to be the most forward-thinking brand, at least in terms of styling. However, they haven’t put out anything decent in the past two years.

  2. The first Sebring convertible styling was by far the best, and they have gone downhill each successive generation. Unfortunately, the sedan has gotten even uglier.. since the convertible trunk got three inches longer, why couldn’t the stubby sedan? Even the Avenger seems to have a longer trunk than the Sebring sedan.. very disappointing.

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