Even more pics of the new Smart

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I haven’t seen this new one in person, of course, but it seems the interior of the “old” one was more original, and fun….

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  1. I disagree Vince…the original Smart interior came off looking like it was made by Playskool. This new design will be much more practical for day to day use.

  2. For such a small car there are lots of pictures!? When Americans sit in it (I drove one in Europe for 3 weeks), they will be surprised by its size. I am afraid with all the huge vehicles around it they will have a hard time selling them (unfortunately).

  3. I agree that the interior of the old Smart was more fun, but this one seems to be more upscale and refined. Might not be a bad thing for the American market and trying to justify $15k for half a car when $15k will get you a good used Civic or a base Fit, Versa, etc.

  4. I watched an article on tv the other night from Comsumer Reports. They road tested a Smart Car in Canada. It was a diesel, 3 cylinder. They reported that it was the worst car they had ever road tested!. I don’t believe the car they tested is the same car we will be getting. Were getting a gas engine.

  5. This car is sold here in Canada and I can tell you, the old interior needed to be changed badly. It looked really cheap.

    This one seems to take a lot of design cues from the 50’s. (Look at the bottom of the dash) It’s quite interresting and looks more upscale. At the price those babies are sold here ($20000) at Mercedes dealerships, it had to look more upscale.

    Concerning resale values : Those cars look like toys and sell like hot cakes in Canada. Resale values are pretty high. They are bought by wives of rich people that don’t mind paying a premium for the cutest car in town.

  6. The old interior was ridiculous, it looked like it came out of a $3000 Chinese car, but its from a Mercedes, which says quite a bit about both. The new one is better, but still not as good as Kias that cost half as much. This car is quite a shame, and the fuel economy isn’t that impressive either. I think GM could have made a better car, I’m not even mentioning what the Japanese could do, and will. However, I give them credit for offering something new that nobody else did.

  7. Oh ya, this fu#$en thing is safe!!! just look at it, how could it not be. I don’t care how many reinforcements and high strength steel pieces are used. That size of car will kill all 2 on board at any speed over 50mph

  8. Fact: Apparantly, the last 2 possible names for this car were smart and stupid, I think they picked the wrong name!

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