Even more pictures of the little C30 “in the wild”

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It looks great on these pictures.
(Although that red carpeting isn’t for everyone…)
You can go to the Volvo site and configure one out, but no pricing yet.

People here have been saying pretty good things as far as the S40 reliability goes. That’s good news for this one…

I can’t wait to see this car for real. I’ve always liked the sporty coupes from Volvo.
Even the one from the 80’s ( I guess it was the 480) that a lot of people don’t seem to like…

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  1. I love this car alot and may buy one, but the rear end screams Mercury bobcat to me, im not sure if thats cool or not, lol …

  2. It can’t drive better than Focus and GTI. It won’t have prestige parents like A&B-class, A3, and 1-series. It won’t have cheap power like MPS 3, Mustang and Cobalt SS. Is it going to be safer than anyone of its competitors? Not really. Then why we even bother?

  3. The C3 platform is excellent (especially in Mazda3 form) so the stouter C30 should drive great. Power seems decent and I am digging the very Volvo rear end. Cool styling and good to see some neat 70s/80s retro Volvo influences

  4. This thing is a lot like the Ford Edge–out for a long time, had a lot of press, but not even on sale yet. And that interior is tacky…if you want to use a flat panel center stack, at least make the rest of the interior modern to match it. Those A/C vents would look at home in a later 90’s VW Jetta.

  5. The body shape is excellent, and I still love that rear window. But the lights need serious reworking. And how many low tiny buttons does the center stack need? Good luck finding the right one while driving.

  6. That is the s40, v50 floating stack, which is very cool, I do believe an auto first. Buttons are easy to use and logical. I drive a V50. Great package, although I wish they would update the front, its had that look for too long now.

  7. I love it, red interior too. just add the painted Paris Show babe and I am ready for to make a deposit.

  8. I love this car. I have an S40 and this would be fantastic west coast car for me. (my work is bi-coastal). My two problems with these particular pictures are those seriously unattractive wheels and that red carpet. Who thought this was a good color palette?

  9. If you go on the site you can see all the wheel styles they offer on this car.
    Some are very nice.
    And no glass roof. Which I think would look great on this car…

  10. (I guess it was the 480)

    I think you mean the 780. Nice little turbo coupe and pretty fun to drive for a Volvo. I still have my ’89. I’m still waiting on pricing on the C30 to decide.

  11. Perfect, if it’s not overpriced like all vulvas and if it’s reliable???? it is pretty though in a pretty cheap little skank whore way.

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