FAW Haima S1 Concept

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Forget the ugly gold wheels, please.
And then what do you have.. A very nice looking coupe.

Nothing earth shattering. With a little bit of Mazda, Peugeot and Nissan.
But I think it looks very nice and a production model would surely be attractive to many people.

FAW is supposed to be the largest car maker in China, if not the most famous.
And their Shanghai design studio seems to be producing some pretty nice designs.

Just last year, most Chinese car designs looked like caricatures of cars. And at this year auto show they are displaying much more mature looking cars.
It is amazing how fast they are going.
It took Hyundai a long time before they got an attractive design.
If the Chinese are improving quality at the same rate, other car makers need to watch their backs…

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  1. remember when u saw a car and thought “gee, it would be nice to mix & match that car’s front-end with this car’s back-end”?

    well, there you go.. they’ve done it.

    I see accord coupe + solara front-end, matched with saturn + pontiac g6 back-end, with a hint of G35 coupe on the side…

    Do I like how it look, you bet!
    Would I buy it? Most likely not..

  2. Haima is controlled by FAW AND Mazda. That vehicle was designed by Mazda so what do you expect from them? Nice designs of course. The Chinese have to learn to design on their own and you can take a look of their creations and notice some piracy going on. They’re a long way from being decent automakers but soon, we might be seeing Chinese cars at our next door neighbour’s driveway.

  3. I wanna see them improving the safety on their cars..

    Because until now judging by what I have seen their cars are really dissapointing..

  4. Anonymous said…
    I wanna see them improving the safety on their cars..

    Because until now judging by what I have seen their cars are really dissapointing..

    5:44 AM
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    U R not the first one to worry about safety, etc..
    Well, if you know anything, know this:
    In the USA, all importers(and U.S.)
    MUST MEET MINIMAL FEDERAL STANDARDS for safety and emissions, etc…
    HOW many more of these (uninformed) comments must we read?! Not attacking you, but it gets OLD pointing out facts most children(who like cars, teens…( even know!
    Don’t worry, Chrysler’s Hornet will be here by 4th quarter of 2008, made by Chery, and Ia m sur eGM, Ford will follow by 09-2010, along with other Chinese automakers, like Chery, Geely, etc.

  5. Looks like a modernized Solara, with Mazda tailights (raised up).

    It’s hard to say that’s a copy. It looks pretty nice, but Toyota’s probably going:

    “S***! Now we can’t do another Solara without people saying we copied the Chinese!”

  6. No worry. If the rumors are correct, Toyota won’t be building a next generation Solara.
    And I bet this won’t be 19-27K either.

  7. I know this is not about Chery, but….————————————————————————————————-go listen to a few of the recent interviews , and see how serious Chery/ Visionary Vehicles is!(check out the Oct 2006 interview…. ) the Bloomberg tv interview( I think you can click on Mr Bricklin on the home page and hear it… it is about 2 minutes long).Anyhow…………This car sort of reminds me of a Tiburon meets Solara, and a few others… but it is not bad at all.Hey, even if the quality were on par of say Hyundai 2003, I’d consider one.How long must we wait…..???

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