Ford Commercial vans in Europe

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I know, it’s just a “commercial” van.
But look at the design!
This thing almost looks like it came out of a futuristic movie.
( I guess because the ones over here still look like they came out of the 70’s)

Again, compare this to what we get over here. Sure, people will say it is more suited to European streets and needs.
But mercedes imports their ugly European commercial van as a Dodge. And that seems to sell.

This looks really great.
Am I crazy to think companies in trouble like Ford could save money by having similar models all over. Instead of “American Ford”, “German Fords” and “Australian Fords”.

These guys need to do some major rethinking if they want to survive…

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  1. This may sound weird, but….
    if ya did this design slighlty differently, it could be a Ford “Scion”, lol… Smallish-boxy van….

  2. The Ford Ranger in Europe also looks much better than the one we have here in the U.S.

    The current U.S. Ford Ranger and commercial vans has not been redesigned ever since i’ve started 7th grade (1993). And now, it has been 13 years since then, and these cars have yet to change. Ford is going down ’cause they’re lazy!

    hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving, vince. have a good black friday.

  3. streamline Ford motor company under one umbrella, is a very good idea.

    good luck selling that idea to Ford US CEO, cause he’d be the first one to get kicked out.

    politic wins over anything; business, logic, common sense, morale, ethics, you name it – politic is on top of everything (at least in US corporations)

  4. LOL……….not that some good ideas don’t show up on blogs, but, most people blogging (including me) don’t know squat about what goes into running a multinational.

  5. It’s really not my obligation to know how to run a multinational corporation. Unions, legacy costs, competition, whatever… not my problem. Figure it out! Once Ford manages to provide vehicle I want, then that will be a well run corporation. As long as someone else offers a better value, that’s the brand that wins. People don’t make purchases out of corporate pity or nostalgia. That said, I am constantly amazed and frustrated at the smart looking vehicles Ford offers overseas while we get outdated garbage superficially updated every couple years here. I don’t know a single person who owns a domestic Ford car or van. This commercial van is very cool. Of course it isn’t offered in the states. F-ing brilliant Ford! Thirty years of mistakes continue on!

  6. This is another example of the “Bold Moves” Ford promises to the US market but doesn’t deliver.

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