Ford Explorer Hydrogen

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350 miles on a single fill up.
That’s what they claim.

But they also say:
“We believe hydrogen may become a viable motor fuel in the long-term,” said Gerhard Schmidt, vice president, Research & Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company. “With these technology demonstration vehicles, Ford continues to lead the way in the development of hydrogen technology.”

So I am not sure what this mean. Are they really 100% behind this, or is it just another PR move to prove how green they are.
Usually in Detroit, “long term” means never.

I think the new Hybrid Fusion and 2008 Escape are bigger news as far as normal humans are concerned…

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  1. H is a good thing for the enviroment. Big problems still surround its usefulness. No filling stations and almost 90% of H is created by burning fossil fuel. What good does that do us?

  2. Um, yeah. Hydrogen powered internal combustion engines are pretty easy to produce – I remember BMW putting the same concept out in the early 90’s. This smells like PR stunt the whole way.

  3. The range is pretty good – what is the range of a regular V8 Explorer?

    I read the press release and was surprised to see that the production Explorer uses a six-speed automatic. When did that happen?!

  4. Browns Gas [been around for a very long time] is the splitting of water into its’ gases of Hydrogen and Oxygen where the Hydrogen can be burned and the residue from any unburned gas is Water.
    Hydrogen energy to power cars is not only possible but it is already a reality.
    I anticipate this technology to be blocked at every turn in the road.

  5. this is not simply a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine- it is a fuel cell, as in a hydrogen-powered source generating electricity for an electric motor

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