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German Focus that is…

I like convertibles but this one just doesn’t really seem to work for me.
The proportions with the top up look pretty weird. Like most hardtop convertibles do, but this one seems a bit worse.
And the way the top of the windshield stops. It looks like it was cut with a chainsaw.
And it seems that it ends up right in front of your eyes, or forehead.
A few convertibles have that also, but again, it seems a bit worse here.
I noticed that when driving a sebring convertible for example, the windshield ends so close to you that as a driver, you almost can’t tell you’re in a convertible.
Retro designs like the Mini or new Beetle are actually more pleasant in that respect. They leave the windshield far away from your face.

the Focus will be redesigned for the US early next year (on the same old platform).
It will then include a 2 door coupe.

But no convertible for us…

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  1. I have to disagree i love this car alot its freaking sexy as hell and would prob sell like hotcakes at 25k, but 30k or 40k for a escort(sik) nope ! and ya wanna talk about odd proportions have ya seen the miata c-c with the top up ? yikes !!!!

  2. As a 2 door coupe design idea(for USA… I know, they won’t bring over the good Ford’s, like the European Focus, or the excellent 5 door Mondeo)….but, if they use a simialr design scheme for the 2 door next year, it could work( hey, ford, people are buying Hatches, 3 and 5 doors!)..No wonder they’re in trouble. At least(even though I could personally care less) GM is using their brains and bringing over slightly better Opels as Saturns.

  3. I think this looks 10 times better than anything offered as a Focus in the US.. but that being said, why is the roof so awkward looking compared to the Volvo C70 that shares this exact same platform and dimensions? Perhaps Ford didn’t want to directly compete, but that is no reason to shorten the interior and make the rear boot outrageously long! Reminds me of the recent Thunderbird, unfortunately..

  4. Nice car. Just one more reason for us in the US to not buy the rehashed crap they sell here. But I’m sure Ford knows what they’re doing by not offering us the good cars. 🙁

  5. ugly. really ugly. worse than the Lexus SC430. horribly disfigured. the one focus’ absence we should all celebrate.

  6. I just noticed something: the headrests! They look as if they would be more “at home” in a sedan(a Mid-sized sedan),rather than in a sporty car!
    Go look at newer small vehicles such as the SX4( excellent headrests) the tC, and so on… they do Not look like this.
    Time to update there, Ford, otherwise, a nice deal you have here.

  7. The European Focus is more upscale than the U.S. Focus. This Focus would cost far too much–a tarted up version of this car is the Volvo C70 that Volvo thinks people will buy for $40k. Good luck, Volvo!

    Also, it’s likely that it’ll be a POS for any number of reasons because it’s a Ford and Fords are quite capable of being POS.

  8. The spy shots of the revamped old ford focus look pretty damn trashy. Ford’s rationale for not replacing the current focus with the new european version is that the original still needs to rake up more sales before they could afford to make the switch.

    But I say, how could they afford not to? Any person will be able to take one glance at this upcoming focus revamp and see right through its old POS sheet metal. Once they make that instant conclusion they will then go on to associate all ford cars as being outdated and of poor quality.

    Image is priceless beyond whatever petty profits they could make off the old redesign.

  9. Speaking of quality: This leather looks like the “leather” of my old 1999 Sonata GLS V6(when I had it)…. the new Hyundai’s and Kia’s have better leather than this thing(even the new Elantra, similar type of car….to Focus…MSRP, etc, has better leatherette, or whatever they call it).

  10. Yes, odd rear end.

    But why rehash the old Focus for us? The Mazda3 and Volvo S40 have been here for years now…

    What the heck is FORD’S PROBLEM?

  11. It looks pretty much the same as all small Euro CC (coupe-convertible) cars. There’s an Opel/Vauxhall Astra CC, Renault and Peugeot ones too that all have similar proportions. Our own Pontiac G6 CC looks the same too.

    They need to minimize the amount of roof to stow away so they all have those long sloping windshields.

    The Volvo C70 does look better, but then it has that complex 3 piece roof and it costs nearly twice as much as these cars.

    However, what I’m most interested in is the Miata hardtop. The looks grow on you, even in ungainly top up mode and it should be a properly good “driver’s car” like all Miata’s.

  12. This thing looks like a supermodel compared to the Sebring. I’m in awe over Ford’s EU Focci offerings. However, I am not completely sold on hardtop convertibles. The rear ends usually are bulbous, the rear weight penalty when the top is retracted, the useless trunk space, the odd cut lines and the compromised visual design of the roof all outweigh the benefits. Honestly, nothing beats the stunning ragtop design of the S4 convertible or Aston Martin V8 Vantage. I suppose hardtop convertibles are interesting because they’re new and unusual. But once the novelty wears off and people really look at the clumsy visual design of these cars, the excitement will wane.

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