Ford is “Car of the year”.

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In Europe.

The S-Max minivan just got the big prize…

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  1. Does it have to take a ton of bricks to fall on the guys at Ford of America to realize the fact that they already have great vehicles like this one that could be imported to America to save their company from certain doom????

  2. This van would compete well with the likes of the Mazda 5 and other small crossover vehicles like the Honda CR-V if only Ford of America would have enough guts to try something different for a change and import this versatile platform to our shores!

  3. Ford’s European cars are superior to the crap Ford sells in the states–at least it appears that way.

    The Fiesta and other Ford models are nice cars–saw many in Greece a couple of months ago.

    What we get are obnoxious trucks, SUVs, and other obsolete crap except for a trio of Mazda 6s in drag.

    Ford is a disappointment and it’s no surprise that the company is in deep trouble.

  4. this car could have driven like crap and still won! it is soooooooooooo beautiful!!! when i was in germany this summer, i saw my first one — a top of the line in black and i stopped dead in my tracks. this car is just gorgeous. i would give my left arm for one of these in canada!

  5. You seem to alone with that opinion.

    Very nice looking as far as a minivan goes. It is perplexing, especially after seeing the new 5 door mondeo. That thing is drop dead good looking as well.

  6. The Ford is a very nice, very well thought out design…much better than anything Ford has in the US. I saw several of them back in September on my vacation in Europe. The Civic was much more deserving of the prize…it can run circles around the Ford and obviously will be much more reliable.

  7. Does Ford even want to do business in the USA any longer? Exactly what business do they think they’re in anyway? Evidently they are in the business to make suckey cars for the US and cool cars for everybody else. I don’t get it, and as a consumer I don’t need to. Simply enough,I just don’t buy the fords they sell here.

  8. it truly is sad that ford refuses to sell great vehicles like these in north america. what exactly are they waiting for? to go bankrupt? they need only to look at car enthusiast websites like this one to see that people want to see them do well, but cant figure out who the hell decided on the crappy product line for north america.

    i am a previous ford owner, and i can tell you that not one single vehicle in their lineup is attractive to me right now. i LOVED my previous fords. for all the crap that ford gets for being unreliable, mine were pretty damn good. i had no issues with mine, other than rattles in the interiors. otherwise, mechanically, they were great. right now however, if you were to come over to my house, you would see a 2004 honda accord ex and a 2006 mazda5 gt in my driveway. i looked at the 500 and the taurus when i was shopping for a family sedan. they were jokes. i looked at the freestyle and the fusion when i got the mazda5, and honestly, i do not understand why the fusion is getting such high praise. the interior is FAR behind the competition. the corporate radio and HVAC controls are a joke. they are worse than competing hondas, toyotas…. even hyundais and chevrolets now. COME ON FORD!

    they need to turn things around, and they can start by bringing this over. i would trade the mazda5 in a heartbeat for this beauty!

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