French/Italian antique car show in Van Nuys.

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A couple of weeks ago I went to this local event in a park in Van Nuys.
I was amazed at how many cars were there.
Not only the old stuff but also a couple of modern cars. And some models from the 80’s as well.
It was a bit weird to see these cars in the US.
Many great and timeless designs.

And I didn’t know you could pick up a Citroen CX from the mid 80’s for about $35 000!
Not sure where you’d get it fixed, but this would be one original way to drive to work in L.A….

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  1. Hey Vince! I didn’t see you there! Considering your Blog photos, I think you would have definitely stood out in the crowd! 😛

  2. There used to be a Citroen place on Venice Blvd. near Robertson… maybe 10 years ago. Don’t know if they moved or closed.

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