Getting to know the S-Max, a little better…

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  1. If Freestar is that good, Ford won’t have to spend billions to develop and advertise Fairlane. When will they learn?

  2. So now we’re seeing what can be accomplished when there is no UAW involvement. This thing is sweet… the design is much smarter than anything Ford sells stateside. Yes, even though it’s a minivan, this is a more intelligent and appealing design than the almost-but-not-quite Mustang.

  3. Yet ANOTHER Ford Europe product that should be here and isn’t (although I’ld rather have the C-Max)

  4. That interior looks delicious. It pains me to see how much better Ford Europe’s interiors are compared to some of the American junk we get. I mean, if something like the Fusion, Edge, or MKX had this kind of interior, just think how much a company like VW would be put to shame for offering such an overpriced Passat with not as good of an interior.

  5. Funny, I didn’t know UAW designed cars for Ford? Oh wait, another dumb comment from a short sighted person.

    The fact is, management is completely to blame. This vechicle, with sliding doors, should be Ford’s new mini-van. Period.

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