Giugiaro Mustang?!?!

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At the Los Angeles auto show???

That seems pretty weird. But hey.. It looks great. Why not.

I wonder if this might be some kind of a (too early) teaser for the next generation…

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  1. DROOL!!! & Vince, you ask questions but don’t say where you got this… tho Ford has the rep of showing stuff too early or just never building what they show – maybe this time the expected date for the next-gen is what’s wrong?

  2. Well, I HAD read in the blogs that the next-gen Mustang will not be totally “retro” as is the current model, and timing is certainly right for Ford to offset the coming Camaro with something fresh. I do think that Ford learned a lesson that will last as long as Mustang and that is to always stay true to the original concept…NO fwd, always a V8 option, long hood, short deck, gaping grille, triple vertical taillamps, twin cowl dash. Everthing inbetween will be open to new technologies and trends to keep the consumer both pleased that the breed is pure and excited to have the latest engineering.
    Mustangs are forever and should forever not be mistaken for anything else!

  3. Yeh the camaro has always been such a threat-LOL, Oh where is the camaro?

    Great looking vehicle will keep mustang around another 50 years

  4. Where’s the Camaro? Do you live under a rock? It’s currently being developed to show how crappy the current Mustang really is! Can you not see similarities in this “concept”?

  5. The rock I live under is one where the mustang has been around for 42 years, every year. Camaro essentially was chevy copying the mustang. Once again camaro will copy, that is the history of these two vehicles, period. If you think otherwise you don’t know anything about cars.

  6. Gorgetto Giugiaro, a friend of mine that lives in Firenze (florence for white men) and summers in Palermo, near san marco di venetto. 50 year illustrious career designing cars for italian, japanese( early lexus) and Korean (Daewoo) manufacturers.

  7. Giugiaro has always been my favorite designer.
    He had amazing designs in the 70’s and 80’s that pretty much influenced everyone and changed the way cars look even today.
    If you are really his friend, you are one lucky guy.
    I saw him at a car show in Europe a few years ago but was too shy to approach him…

    I think his son actually designed this Mustang concept.

  8. yes vincenzo, his son is also a well respected designer. I apologize for a spelling mistake. It’s Giorgetto, GiGi to friends. Next time, if you get the opportunity, approach him. He is a gracious and welcoming Italian gentlman.

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