Hongqi C601

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I am actually posting this because I think this is fun. (In a horrific way)
This Hongqi C601 is said to be inspired by a Mask from a Chinese Opera.

From what I see here, I will do anything I can to avoid the next show…

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  1. I know.
    But I still think it’s funny. In a cartoonish kind of way.
    Imagine seeing this in your rearview morror….

  2. In the most serious way, I really like the headlights. But for the rest of it I think Halloween was a few weeks ago.

  3. Besides the gawd-awful grille, what else is bad about it? We can’t really see much from just one picture.

  4. I LIKE IT!

    i think driving in this on the highway would be like driving a crown victoria! people would make way or bow in respect!!!

  5. A bit too much chrome for me but otherwise, looks good to me! Hey at least this one isn’t one of those shameless knock-offs…

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