How do you say “300” in Chinese?

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Looks like Chrysler is selling the 300 in China.
By they way, wasn’t it supposed to get a new interior for 2007?

What happened to that???

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  1. Correction, in China it’s probably called the “100” because they want a big discount on everything they are buying and no discount when they are selling!

  2. is anyone else sick and tired of all the chinese talk. we don’t even know if the majority of these cars run!

  3. Funny that most American don’t realize yet. How can our middle class survive when we have to earn more than $65 per hour per family and Chinese middle class only needs $65 per month? Even if we impose billions of tariffs on Chinese goods, how can we stop our companies move jobs to other cheap places?

  4. There are 6 chinese characters on that badge, starting from the left, the first 2 mean Beijing. I don’t know the rest.

  5. The rest of the chinese characters is the translation of “Benz – Daimler”
    Seems that they decided to link Chrysler with Mercedes heavily in the Chinese market.

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