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Even more pictures of the new Hyundai VeraCruz.
For those who were complaining I already posted too many…

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  1. One word FRUMPY, who signed of on this front end ? and who messed up the front end of the accent ? do they sit around the water cooler and brag that they designed this ugly thing ????
    If they made this look like a pregnant sonota they would have had a major seller on there hands, but in this sea of slow selling suv’s this fugly suv may not sell so well ! Btw i hate the dash also !

  2. actually its not all that bad, i mean the front end styling looks refreshing despite the inverted “Toyota flying T” grill, other than that overall the suv is pretty well designed, the only thing about Hyundai is they don’t have a unity in their auto designs, i’m not trying to say make every car look the same, but sort of have the same type of grill or some form of unity in designs, but most importantly i hope their reliability goes up and if this suv is good, then this thing will sell.

  3. Ooh, Ooh, Can I be the one sitting in the back seat when we get rear-ended? Please? I’ve always wanted to be part of a car and that’s a great way to become a hood ornament!!!!

  4. Le Québécois

    boring…. why all the hyundai’s grill are different? All new hyundai’s vehicule have it’s own.
    How the consumers can identify them ?

  5. How the consumers can identify them ?

    By the name located somewhere on the body. Typically the rear end.

  6. Yeah, this dash does look like the Lexus RX’s. But better.

    This is definitely the best Hyundai interior out there.

  7. Looks pretty good to me (coming from a non-Hyundai shopper). Interior looks great, and the front end is no worse than any other Japanese bland-box out there. I drive a Honda, and it certainly isn’t exciting looking, but it isn’t ugly or offensive either.

  8. this dash DOES NOT look better than the RX’s… especially with that big ass goofy lookin fan knob in the center. also the grill and emblem placement are hideous!

  9. Vince, I would rather have this Hyundai which has more standard luxury features, a much smoother a quieter ride and a very smooth and powerful V-6 at a price that is almost identical to a 2007 Honda CR-V EX-L with Navigation! The abundant features alone make the Honda pale in comparison not to mention you get a lot more vehcile for the money!

  10. Looks great. If I were in the market for yet another gas hog soft-roader, this would be high on my list for value alone.

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