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Ford designer J. Mays says about the upcoming Ford Fairlane:

“It looks almost exactly the same as the concept ,there are people within the company that can’t see the difference.”

Go to the October archives to see pictures of the actual production thing.

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  1. This is good news. I want Ford to succeed, and fresh new designs paired with better reliability will certainly help.

  2. WOW yet another suv-cuv to compete with there other 17 suv’s they sell, ford is so dumb ! this aint a minivan ford !

  3. For some of us who drove Ford Fairlanes from the mid-1960s, resurrecting the Fairlane name is likely to bring back memories of repeated trips to the dealer to fix more things than most people knew existed on cars including a terrifying surge in power when an accelerator linkage spring snapped. Talk about a death trap!

    That ’66 Fairlane from Hell poisoned me against Ford forever. Yeah, I know it’s unfair to blame Ford for its mistakes of 40 years ago, but when something is consummately horrible, why bother with it again?

  4. I thought Mays was kicked back to Europe?

    More interesting news, the new CEO at Ford said he could not find a business plan? This new will take everyone by surprise.

  5. “there are people in the company that can’t see the difference.”

    That’s not saying much- those marketing guys are idiots for the most part.

  6. Doesn’t Ford have like 30 other SUV’s?

    Kill the minivan which most companies have already gotten right. Dumb? Beyond dumb!

    Hello Honda Odyessy. My Freestar won’t even have a replacement in existence now. Too bad, it was ‘this close’ to being a great vehicle–if Ford hadn’t just gave up on it. (Like many of it’s past ‘almost’ great vehicles…RIP Taurus, Probe, T-bird, Contour, Fiesta, Escort, and Crown Vic…soon)

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