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Anyone here actually thinking of getting one?

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  1. Heck yeah. Even though I live in Texas – land of the redneck jerk in a white pickup – I’d love to have something like this for my six-mile commute.

  2. I am pretty sure the new lincoln below has one of these smart cars under the 3rd row seats in case of a flat.

  3. Saw the previous generation of this on I-70 going westbound in Illinois – and I believe that it was from Canada. If the price on one of these is right, then I will certainly consider buying one.

  4. the smart cars are certainly not a bargain. if you guys are expecting it to be priced around a chevrolet aveo, you’re in for a big surprise. these cars atart at about $18000 canadian and go upwards of $24000 canadian. that puts it in the same class as a mazda3 sport. also, when they launched here in canada, people were paying 5-10000 over msrp because supply was limited. i actually know someone that owns one and was pretty disappointed with the quality of the interior. cheap plastic bits everywhere. this is certainly not built to the same standards of other premium small cars, like the mini.

    if fuel economy is your only consideration, then this vehicle is amazing. otherwise, it is fairly expensive for what it is.

  5. Definitely. It’s going to make a great Christmas present for my nephew. He’s 4. Much cooler than the Fisher-Price version he has now…

  6. it all depends on the pricing. if a fully equipped one can be had for under $16k, then i will definitely get one.

  7. Well, they certainly have more personality than most cars around the same price. Also, they’re 98% recyclable.

    I’ve been inside one. The only thing that I can pick up that’s really wrong with it is that there isn’t much legroom due to the trition safety cell. But if you crash, you’ll be thankful for it.

    I’ll have to say though, when I get a car (which isn’t going to be too soon) I’m probably not going to get a Smart. I would, but by the time I’ll be getting a car there’ll be larger cars with better fuel economy. I’m not kidding!

    And no, this isn’t just advertising! Anyone who thinks so, some people are actually interrested in fuel-efficient cars! If you aren’t, go to the Lincoln article.

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