Mitsubishi D5

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That is one “clean” design.

You would think a desperate company like Mitsubishi would try everything.
But no.. This is not schedule for US sales.

Wouldn’t there be a market for this over here?

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  1. i dont think there would be a market for here really, but kinda like, its a unique looking minivan without looking overstyled like that nissan quest. very futuristic kinda a modern take on the mpvs we use to get over here

  2. i wish we got vans that looked like this here too. You know- with actual style and *modern* looks. I used to like the quirky looking toyota previa and box-like nissan and mitsubishi vans that were here in the late 80s and early 90s. hell, I thought the old early-90s Pontiac Trans-Sport looked like a freaking spaceship. give us more of that, please, its 2006.

  3. I was never a mitsubishi fan and have driven some of thier previous gen cars, but looking at how much progress they’ve done in the last two years, this will only add to thier momentum. New innovative designs like the new “i”, outlander, colt and ecplise are helping them a great deal in the international market. The D5, though not the prettiest MPV, surely is one of the most unique designs in its class and attractive in its own way. a fresh new design in a crowd that can be “sporty bland” at best.

  4. Minivan buyers will NOT buy that…it looks like sh*t. The Odyssey is about as on-point as any minivan can get. This designs is more minibus than minivan anyway, trust me, there is a difference. These don’t drive like cars, like minivans do. Instead they drive like minibuses. If you like this design, you will love this…

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