Mitsubishi Evolander

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That’s what you get when you put the 300hp EVO engine in the Outlander.
No production yet…

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  1. its not the evo engine !…..
    The Outlander’s 3.0-liter V6 is apparently turbocharged, as the placard next to the vehicle refers to its power rating as 300 hp at 6psi of boost…
    it provide’s a little mechanical lineage with with the turbo EVO (although that car makes do with a turbocharged four-cylinder producing 286 horsepower)

  2. It’s not powered by an EVO motor… it’s a turbocharged version of the 3.0 V6 in the Outlander. This is the next “fad” that’s coming… sported out Crossover/SUVs. Mazda’s hinting at a CX-7 MazdaSpeed over at their stand at SEMA

  3. From an austrlian perspective the american obsession with tuned awds (which i admit are slowly coming in here too) confuses me. Why do such big bulky cars need so much hp. If you want performance why not have a car withich has less body roll, less weight and more overall handling proess and leave the suv for the wife or something. The outlander shape is attractive, but me id perfer to invest my 300hp elsewhere…

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