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I still like it.
Although I don’t like these wheels.
The design is too busy and they look small on the car.

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  1. Man! Anything that looks like that gorgeous G35 coupe is AWESOME in my book.

    Considering the price will belower too I’m sure…I’m gonna go out and get one now.

  2. Kinda bland. If it was competing with the Scion TC, then okay. But this just looks like a car for secretaries.

  3. i definitely like the look of the back a lot. i just wish nissan would have come up with a better looking front end. should be interesting to see how it affects the accord’s sales.

  4. I have to dissagree.
    The Tc is a great car but I would consider the design blander than alsmost anything out there. I was really dissapointed when it came out.
    To me this looks like a spaceship next to the Tc.

  5. Powerful yet elegent design. Im with you Vince on the wheels but I am having a hard time coming up with a better wheel design.

    Aside from the front end of the new Honda CRV, there has not been a “disgusting” design from the auto makers in the past year. Are we entering an age of automobile nervana? What say you Vince?

    Imagine no car left to bitch about… This site will become too civil i.e. Dull.

  6. Now I know why I don’t like it:
    -front end to short
    –> move the passenger cabin back
    -roof too tall
    –> chop the roof or reduce the window size
    -backend trying too hard to be like 350Z
    * everything above is for its size, the proportion for a coupe is just not right

    G35 coupe IS beautiful, I absolutely agree. This thing, looks more like a bad copy of G35 coupe, nothing more.

    Does it even make a good business proposition for Nissan? Coupe market is small, Toyota is pulling out of it although the Solara is selling well (they’re everywhere!) – yet, not good enough for Toyota’s standard.

    Nissan already has a 350Z, a very good coupe. Why bother with this POS?

  7. What’s up with that little opening on the rear bumper for the trunk? It looks weird. I agree this car is out of proportion when I look at it more. The light is big and the “area” to fit the wheels is too big too. You need a 20″ wheel to have it looks proportional. Do they just take the Altima and chop the roof because the body line looks too high? I want to see the 2008 G35 Coupe and hope it’s nothing like this.

  8. It looks like a G35. Where’s the originality? Couple it with the new Altima’s better but still so-so interior and you’ve got a nice, 2-door snoozer. At least the available V6 is good.

  9. Isn’t Toyota replacing the Solara with another coupe based on the Camry? That’s what I keep hearing.

  10. Being a die-hard coupe guy through and through, this car is almost a dream come true for me… depending on price of course.

    This car is absolutely gorgeous! It’s got a sleek profile, an aggressive stance and a classy appearance. My only complaint is that is should have a slightly different and more aggressive front clip from the sedan.

    All in all I’d say that Nissan has a winner on their hands. I for one will be seriously considering this as my next car when my current one is paid off in a year or so.

  11. This one surely looks beautiful enough to cut two doors. By looking at this car, I am sure that the future 350Z won’t be cheap anymore, probably going to sit between Altima coupe and GTR.

  12. You know…I admit this is a cool looking car. I see that Nissan is going for something here. For some reason the car just looks ‘off’ to me. I can’t place my finger on it though. It’s strange. Anything is better than the Solara.

  13. I think it’s the wheels.
    They look wrong.

    I just came back from the auto show and saw the car in person and it does look nice.
    I will be posting stuff from the show (pictures and movies) in the next few days.
    Stay tunned…

  14. Reminds of the G6 coupe. Although I like this a lot better. Wonder how many more coupes are going to have that dramatic back window, New Accord Coupe? New Solara?

  15. The new G35 and the new Altima now look like warmed up marshmallows of their outgoing versions.

    It looks as if they had melted the cars…Like a guy that just lost a lot of weight… It’s not pretty.

    But an altima coupe is a nice concept indeed.

  16. Since Nissan is now rehashing all their designs, how soon before we see the return of the B210?

    And that steeply raked rear window will lead to a nasty blind spot, and we know cars with such rear windows are totally unacceptable.

  17. Actually, I’d take a fully optioned G6 coupe over this. Nissan’s good designers must have stayed on the west coast. This is not ugly like a solara, but not exciting like a coupe should be. The only way it could be more bland is if this picture showed it in white. Maybe different wheels would help?

  18. someone said..

    Now I know why I don’t like it:
    –> front end to short
    –> move the passenger cabin back
    –> roof too tall
    –> chop the roof or reduce the window size

    Changing all of those things on the Altima coupe would turn it into… a G35 coupe. So basically what he is saying is if they change the Altima coupe to look exactly like the G35, he’ll like it. Well, that’s all well and good, but that car already exists, and is already available for him. It’s called product DIFFERENTIATION, and in this case it works in that the Altima Coupe will offer a similar style to the G35, but on a less-expensive FWD platform, with 4- or 6-cylinder power, more interior room and a larger trunk.

  19. This car looks nothing like the craptacular Pontiac G6. The muscular haunches in the back are much more masculine than the G6’s weak shape. The Nissan engine and transmission are also much more modern than GM’s pile of old-tech crap too.

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