More Chinese coupe photos.

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With an interior shot (with a temporary steering wheel)
It still loks very nice and seem to be on par with offerings from most other car makers.

I hear this was also done with the help of Mazda. So it might actually be pretty good…

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  1. Dear God, the seam on the door panel doesn’t line up perfectly with the seam on the dashboard! Therefore this car is a shoddy heap of poorly built junk.

  2. Douchebag Jones said…

    you are right1
    the red are at it again.
    don’t buy it

    Wow. You start drinking early in the day.

    Vince, I can see the Mazda influence especially in the center dash stack. Could just as well be in a Mazda5. Not a bad thing either.

  3. Anonymous said…

    Am I the only one who sees a mix of Toyota Solara and Infiniti G35 here??

    Nope. I see a mix of the Solara and Accord coupe.

  4. I see something that, if Mazda Helped them design(and possibly build, to some extent)… I’d buy it(probably be a few grand less than most competitors).

    I also see something, that To Me, This is how a 3 door sporty (3 door) coupe should look like, Not like the Saturn Astra “station wagon” look.
    (either build a 5 door wagon, or a decent 3 or 2 door sporty car, like this, don’t try for both at the same time. it don’t work very well, In My Opinion).

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