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The STS was always a good looking car, but I was immediately disappointed by the interior design the 1st time I saw it.
And the details are pretty horrible and cheap.
Nothing inside says $50 000, or even &30 000 for that matter.

This new interior will end up here in the 2008 model year STS. A vast improvement looking similar to the new SRX interior.
(I am not sure if this 4 seated combo will be offered here)
Now I think Cadillac really has something excellent to offer against the foreign competition. Mainly Lexus and Infiniti.

Most Mercedes and BMW buyers won’t even look at anything else anyway…

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  1. Very nice looking interior, and a much needed upgrade. I’d like to see this succeed for Cadillac in the Chinese market (or any market).

    Two things bother me about this car, however. One is its wretchedly poor reliability (but that would be in keeping with MB & BMW). The other is how cramped the interior is for such a large car. Granted, I’m 6 foot 4, but I felt clostrophobic in the back seat, and tight in the front. My sister’s Civic feels roomier.

  2. By far the best looking Cadillac ineritor, I’m pretty impressed 🙂

    Is that the same interior that Bob Lugz teasingly showed to us on 60 Minutes a few months back?

  3. Oh, one more thing, Vince, I agree with u that no matter how good it looks, it probably won’t matter to the MB and BMW buyers…

    However, I think this is definitely a big threat to Lincoln…

  4. I agree with you Vince on the old interior. For a car that can cost as much as $95000 Canadian(84000 US), such a cheap interior was out of place.

    I love the 4 individual seats on this new version. And the new center console looks much better.

  5. i also agree about the previous comments on the previous iteration of the interior – the wood looked tacked on and the design was very plain. but i must say, gm is really pulling it together compared to just a few years ago. the way the wood flows from the face of the centerstack to the center console looks really slick!

    now if they can fix that wretched center stack (except the nicely styled vents) in the G6…;-)

  6. The one Lutz was teasing us with is the all new CTS which we’ll see in Detroit this coming January.
    Seems like all Cadillac models will have very nice interiors by then.

    Reliability on the STS has actually been pretty good, as far as I could check. I heard about some paint problems on the hood, and some gasket issues on the V8. And some of the V6s were recalled.
    These probably affected a pretty small amount of cars.

  7. this a very nice cadillac, gm is really starting to impress with its changes in recent years this interior looks just as good as anything else out there without the excuses of the first sts, that four seater option would be cool over here. its odd in its troubled times gm is producing cars that are competitive while ford continues to make cars that are simply better than before…the new cadillacs will be light years ahead of lincoln, and i think will finally show that american car companies can create a honestly truely competitive luxury car, that you dont have to make excuses for, or that feels less than a mercedes and bmw…good job cadillac

  8. What a stunning interior!! To bad that this ‘stretched’ STS could not have been the DTS. I really like the looks of this Caddy. GM USA really needs to bring this model here – and fast!! BTW, the Chinese Buicks are amazing – so ironic that we get the ‘junk’ here. I just rented two new GM cars while on work assignment in Honolulu and I have to say that they were pure garbage. I couldn’t wait to get into a Honda or Toyota. I really hope GM takes notice and starts building well built quality (and stylish) cars.

  9. GM produces competitive cars outside the U.S. Shows what GM can do when there are no UAW monkeys demanding extortion money.

    I think GM will move car operations offshore and build only Trucks/SUVs here… Maybe in Canada and Mexico where the UAW bullies dont hold a Govt gun to GMs head. We will see if the Dumobrats “support” the UAW since the Repulsicans wouldn’t.

    Interesting how China gets the better GM products before the U.S.

  10. Nice interior upgrade. It seems like Cadillac and GM as a whole are on a trend towards the better, unlike Ford. But just PLEASE get rid of that goshdamn “Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit” advertising crap. It may be new and something they’ve invested quite a bit of money into, but it’s doing a disservice to Cadillac and otherwise impeding its progress. And also, do we have to see more of “An American Revolution”? Get rid of that jingoistic crap as well. As long and GM tries to woo buyers with patriotism, they won’t be taken as seriously as they should be.

  11. i would have to disagree, china is just being introduced a new model, so of course they would see the new cadillac sts first. from what ive noticed gm unlike ford, has competitive products over here as well. and within the next few years will begin to bring those models sold overseas here that are competitive, saturn-opel, and the holdens. so at least gm is trying hard. ill leave the politics part alone, this is a car blog

  12. Get over yourself, Phil.
    This is America and Cadillac is an American icon.
    That is what they are and they should sell on their technical merits as well as their history–something that Lexus doesn’t have.

    Cadillac will not win by being German–something the Germans are always telling us about themselves (and which you never seem to criticize).

    This car looks great inside. I hope it comes to America with more power and a few exterior tweaks.

  13. think of it this way, these are the same people who built the cavalier, aztek, and other world class junk. they might as well sell it and for that matter , build it in china! They may not know the difference.

  14. I think this is a very handsome interior in any car. Good design, good looking materials, nice details, and it seems that the rear doors have tabs at the base of the windows for a pull-up sunshade. That is a smart idea that BMW owners (and others) have enjoyed for years. Good for Cadillac.

    If I could get one less than a comparable BMW or Mercedes but with greatly improved reliability, you better believe I’d buy one. Bring it here GM!

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