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Engines seem to be all one liter.
With hp from 45 to 84.
84hp doesn’t seem to bad in such a small car.

The diesel version is rated at over 65mpg!

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  1. In Canada, they only brought the last gen with the 40hp diesel, so I doubt that they will bring the 84hp petrol over.

    Man I love this!!!

  2. If SMART successfully lands in the US, there is a hidden risk. Think about how good Japanese car makers get for their Kai cars. Without any strong investment, Japs can send tens of thousands of those cars oversea and crowd out the expensively invested SMART. Especially when SMART never return a profit before, DMC may forced to give up or sell the entire project.

  3. My John Deere riding lawnmower has more horsepower than that… does it have a gas pedal, or just one of those slide levers that you can adjust between the rabbit and the turtle? These ought to be a big hit in a place like San Francisco though… 40hp will be really handy in getting up and over those big hills!

  4. mkk,

    You make a good point about the Japanese, but with all due respect, I don’t think there is anything to worry about because I highly doubt the SMART will succeed here. Buyers talk about wanting good mileage, but ultimately buy HP. If oddball looks and efficiency actually sold cars, Geo, Daihatsu, and Suzuki would be the Big 3. I predict SMART will be a low volume novelty like the Insight.

  5. Poster said Suzuki(doesn’t sell) in USA(basic idea of what he/she said)? Ummm, they sold a record year in 05, then already beat that this year, in October.
    Now, selling over 100,000 units may nto be big news(well, lemme see: in 1998, Hyundai only sold 90,108 units, give or take a few hundred… now they sell close to 500,000)may not be a big deal to most people(see my Hyundai comment), But…. just go and drive an SX4, Then come back and tell us if ya think they are still junk(which, they aren’t since Suzuki is building Suzuki vehicles, not GM-DAT… and by about 08, the whole line up is supposedly gonna be Suzuki, not GM-DAT). As for small? The new 7 seater XL7 is “Small”??????

    Anyhow, SMART will not sell in USA. Too Small.
    take care /not offense.

  6. no way in the world would you buy a smart car in the us. with all the big suvs and trucks on the roads, in any accident you would be gone! people will proabably say but o it gets this score in that test, but ultimately a car with plastic replaceable panels, minimal crumple zones, cant outrun the simple laws of physics.

    no thanks, ill put my life before fuel economy.

  7. thsis crap doesn’t even look like a car
    nobody in beautiful modesto caf lifornia will dare getting one

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