New Beetle JRD tuning 3.2 Liter V6

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I must admit I’ve never heard of JRD tuning.
I guess I am usually not into that kind of things.
But I do love the New Beetle and this actually looks great to me.
It does make the original design much more aggressive and yet doesn’t ruin it.

It almost looks like what a next generation New Beetle could be like.
The V6 will pump out 250 or 385hp!!!
Available in FWD or AWD. I hope they don’t offer the 385hp engine with FWD…

And my favorite: a glass roof!

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  1. Vince, what will they do with the next generation Bettle or will VW kill it off? Mini was able to do a really great job with the 07, I don’t know why VW doesn’t do more then what they did recently with the model…not that much.

  2. About 2 or 3 years ago they said they would not redesign it.
    Instead they would keep “improving” the current model. Like they did last year with a new engine and some small modifications to the body.
    But they didn’t go as far as doing a new interior.
    That means they don’t realli intend to spend that much money into the car.

    I guess they will keep it until they can make some money . Even a little.
    They are truly idiots.
    They have a true icon here and they don’t take care of it. They could re invent it every 6 or 7 years and use existing platforms.

    The Mini did it right.
    I guess BMW isn’t run by morons…

  3. VW is a waste of time these days.
    The built the Phaeteon(or whatever) and no one cared much.
    The let this car languish.

    In 1976, when I was still young, I recall seeing a “cool” jeep-like VW called “The Thing”(gut due to new regs coming out, and the cost of getting the Thing to meet the new USA regs, I heard they just quit selling it after a few years).
    It was designed after a WWII German Jeep.
    I also think it was not expensive.
    SUV’s are still kind of popular(smaller ones with better MPG)…. can’t VW ever get a clue, with Any of their products?
    I drove the Rabbit in July. Nice car, but 20K(not even a sunroof), Only 30 MPG I-5(there are some V6’s get better than this, in larger vehicles, for same price)and when ya go to hit the brakes, the gas pedal is thisclose, i hit the gas, and my spouse did the same(we were in a Kmart parking lot, so it was safe, due to the lack of people parked in the lot, lol).
    That Rabbot should be 15=18K tops, and fix the dumb stuff(note: sales are in the low 2000’s per month… not exaclty a “barn burner” for sales).

    If I had to choose 1 company to “go away”, between Mitsubishi or VW, VW wins, hands down, because they do not seem to learn anything from past (sales)problems, mistakes.

  4. I’ve read in an interview given by the former VW chairman, berndt pischetsrieder, that the new beetle will be replaced by a new model in the future, but with somehow downsized features like a european polo chassis…
    we’ll see…

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