New Chrysler Sebring convertible

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And it has a hardtop convertible.
Although there will be a cheaper soft top version available in the US.
The hardtop comes standard with a remote.

European markets will get a diesel option.
Here we’ll get the same engines as the sedan.
Same goes for the options, like the hardrive stereo and the heated cupholders.

The convertible is actually 3 inches longer than the sedan.

Too bad no changes were made to the front end. But convertible always look at least decent, and this one does seem a lot better to me than the sedan.
Or maybe it’s just because I like convertible….

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  1. I like it. Looks better than the sedan.

    Give the US market both soft and hardtop convertibles. Entry level with soft and upper model with hard. The Sebring has offered many people with an affordable convertible that actually seats four adults.

  2. I’ve finally narrowed it down of what looks so ungainly. The squared off lines on the bottom of the front end do not mesh with the rounded swept back lines of the top of the front end.

    And, with the sedan, that funky C-pillar.

    But with the convertible, at least that is gone!

    Now do something with that front end…

  3. Yuck. YUCK. YUCK! Looks heavy and several years old.

    Wonder if a Stratus ragtop would fare better. Hmm …

  4. this actually looks older than the one it replaced. Chrysler is going down along with Ford and GM. All three deserve their fate!

  5. that car is sooooooo ugly! who in their right mind put THAT thing into production? when i first saw pictures of the sedan, i figured that it would look much better in person… ummm…. nope. it is hideous! the design is not balanced at all. the front end just looks cheap and dated. and am i the only one that thinks the 300c isnt all that great? why all the praise? it is so blocky and… ugly. the dodge caliber is similarly ugly. what happened to chrysler’s fantastic designs? i remember when the intrepid was gorgeous, when the cirrus was elegant…. the new chrysler is pathetic. and i will not be surprised if this new sebring tanks.

    oh and by the way, the current one looks much better than this “new and improved” one.

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