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Form Russia…
It does seem like the real thing to me. And looks pretty nice.

Will it be enough for Mitsubishi to stay in the US???

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  1. Im glad those pics arent real cause it looks real bad, those pics are a chop of this …. ya can also see someone took of am2 off the doors.

  2. it might be a photoshopped picture because the front headlight looks a little suspicious to me.. the angle doesn’t seem right, a bit too straight on the top.. the production model will probably look really similar and i think it looks really nice. i hope they do well with their new cars.

  3. sorry vince but i think you have a fake here, its simply a mix of an accord euro(Acure TL in Us?) with last gen galant lights used on the front. also you can tell by the wheels which are identical(air cap in same position). If only this was the real deal- however it would probably loose its cheap price…

  4. Mitsubishi designs have improved greatly over the last few months. they have very clean and stylish designs. good job, keep up the good work.

  5. That is BEAUTIFUL. Much better than the outgoing Lancer, which was already very outdated-looking when it came out with its large greenhouse, even when compared to its predecessor, the Mirage.

    This new version reminds me a lot of two cars–the Acura TSX and the previous-generation BMW 3-Series. As you know, those are both entry-level luxury cars, so Mitsu is aiming high with this look. It also bears some resemblance to the new Honda Civic.

    Again, good job. Much more exciting than what we’ve seen with the new Corolla.

  6. I don’t think it’s real…
    If you look at the rims, the two pictures have the exact rims at the exact angle, except one is flipped horizontally through photoshop. I have tried it. =)

  7. Looks great! I don’t think this is Mitsubishi’s savior though–no single car could be. Let’s hope they follow this up with equally good or better products.

  8. Not to be doubtful, but it looks like a chop to me. The front lights leading to the center of the face looks unporportional.

  9. It looks water-downed from the first spy shots
    and I hope they don’t sell it here with cheap plastic wheels and outdated interior. To be more of a success,
    it would be more striking if it came with material
    that matched the outlander both inside and out, but a little bit more sports sedan oriented.
    Also, this car should have standard AWD, modestly priced and built in Japan, and I’ll call this a winner.

  10. it looks like the real thing, because the concept was alot more radical, if this is it is one good looking car, and pretty upscale

  11. This isnt from Russia. This is a chop made by one of our members at Carspyshots.Net Forums. It’s made my member ‘AM2’. This ISNT the real thing.

  12. Thats a photoshop from, I dont think the member that made it would be very happy you didnt credit them with it

  13. They butchered the front end!!! i was all excited about that front end on the concept… but that’s why they call it a concept… it’s a concept that is created in your mind of what it SHOULD be like, but then the freaking feds and the cost department have to screw everything up, thus ruining the “concept” of how the real thing was meant to be. But otherwise the car looks great.

  14. The headlights are boooooring! The rear is ok. Hopefully there will be some kind of appearance package to spruce it up a bit otherwise, I’ll wait for something else.

  15. Well, I just visited the link.
    An I agree, these might be fake.
    But I did get them from Russia originally.

    I guess pictures travel fast on the web…

  16. Looks like a chop, kinda reminescent of 80s Galant (the WRC Gallant) – especially the headlights. Definitely a Mitsu design.
    Backend looks too much like Ford Mondeo, in a bad way.

  17. I dont’ care, chop, or not. as long as the next gen Lancer is good looking, decent HP, MPG,NVH is good, etc, and not crazily priced.
    anyhow, i heard it will be based upon the same platfrom as the Sebring(!?!?!) so, will it be midsized, or maybe like the new Elantra, etc(midsized volume, compact length).

  18. Backend looks too much like Ford Mondeo, in a bad way.

    That’s funny you say that because that is my favorite part of the design.

  19. I reminds me of the 1999-2003 galant it will be a hit in the US but Mitsubishi needs to get with the world engine program because people are tired of timing belts they want timing chains, but im glad they improved the timing belt change on the outlander at 100,000 miles.

  20. same sketch Vince put up earlier in the week.Mentions 2.0 Turbo version, and GEMA engines(hpefully, not the “weaker” 138-142HP versions.. maybe the 161-173HP I-4’s like the Optima has and the Sebring). The Optima’s(form S Korea?) is 34 MPG(midsized sedan( and the Serbing is 173HP and makes 32 MPG hwy(again, midsized sedan).173HP in a “compact” could be 34MPG, 8-9 sec 0-60 times, etc. for the “normal” Lancer?Let’s Hope!

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