New Porsche Cayenne

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This is the 1st official picture of the revised Cayenne for next year.
I know, it is pretty dark. I guess they don’t want us to know too much yet (Although I did make the picture a bit brighter)

The front end does look quite a bit more aggressive. Not a bad thing for an expensive SUV from Porsche.
I am not sure if this will actually boost sales. It seems that if you want a Cayenne, you’re just gonna get one anyway.
And if you don’t like it, a new front might not be enough to change your mind.

But hey… Who am I…..

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  1. A front end redesign is just what the Cayenne needed. I recently rode in one and this thing has a Defeat-the-laws-of-Physics mode switch somewhere that would make Einstein re-think his theories.

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