New Porsche Panamera illustrations

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I don’t think they look too realistic but still. Pretty interesting.
This interior looks great. But again, I’m not sure how close it is to the real thing.
The exterior seems to have too much details for a Porsche.
So who knows.

One thing is sure, Porsche will not disappoint with their new sedan. It should be pretty amazing. For those who can afford it.
I guess 4 doors will be pretty unique in the “around $100 000” sports car market.
(The Aston Martin sedan will be much more)

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  1. In this case you would get what you pay for, the Astin would be the best looking 4 door on the market.

  2. you are right again Spyking, the king said this would not sell, judging by the responses to this post, I agree!

  3. Change the grille opening just a bit & this could be another S-Type rendering… where IS this from, Vince? (Interior is a bit Jagish too)

  4. judging by the responses to this post, I agree!

    10:25 AM

    what responses ? or are you responding to yourself ? spykingatleticsupporter (big yawn ) alot of folks said they cayenne would not sell, well they where wrong also !

  5. This might sell, but it would sell better as a Buick halo car. No offense, Buick and Porsche.

    Although I’ll have to say, that was a pretty good opportunity to offend two car manufacturers in one sentence.

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