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Just like the Roewe 750 is a Chinese Rover75, this is a Chinese Rover 25.

I think the 25 was an even older model than the 75. So recycling isn’t a problem for Roewe.

Here is a picture of the old Rover 25, 3 and 5 door.

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  1. That’s just a picture of a Rover Streetwise Vince (google it). Yeah the 25 is ancient, I think it was launched in 1995!!

  2. No it’s not, that’s the point.
    It is the upcoming Chinese version. Looking the same as the Streetwise.

  3. The 25 dates from 1995 as does the slightly bigger 45. The 25 was all Rover’s own work while the 45 was Honda Civic (Euro) based. Always amazed that Rover seemed able to struggle on from crisis to crisis for as long as they did.

  4. Yes, Rover Streetwise was the ‘urban gorilla’ version of Rover 25. The Streetwise was produced from 2003 to 2005.

  5. The 25 dates from 1999, while its former incarnation, the Rover 200, was originally designed to replace the Austin Metro/Rover 100 and dates from late 1995. While obviously the same basic car, the 25 was more than a facelifted 200 – 35-40% of the car’s components were new.

    The car was mostly Rover’s own work, adapting components from the 1989 R8 Rover 200 (developed with Honda) and rear suspension from the 1980’s Austin Maestro, and running Rover’s own K-series engine and gearbox.

    The 200 was considered to be a very good car in 1995/96, but it’s rather odd size at the time put it into a fairly small market niche that Rover’s image was incapable of exploiting, being slightly larger than the Ford Fiesta, but more expensive than the larger Ford Escort. It was maybe the first instance of the “premium small car”.

    The 25 got round this by repositioning itself as a supermini, and not a small hatchback. It was still considered to be a good to drive car in 2005 (especially in MG ZR guise) but it was woefully off the pace in terms of interior space, packaging, safety equipment and build quality.

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