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While we’re just getting the”new” Golf (Rabbit) over here, Europeans illustrators have been busy guessing what the next one will look like.

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  1. test drove our(USA) current Rabbit,,,,july1,2006. Itr was ok, until I saw(even w/o a sunroof) a nearly 20K MSRP!
    30 MPG hwy? 150HP?
    There are Larger I-4’s, in many mid-sized sedans ,with better MPG that this.
    As for performance, it was good, for launch, and brakes were ok, steering good, but 20K?
    There’s a reason why this only 2000 and change per month.
    VW? No Thanks. Prices are alittle “up there”. When you can buy a tC,or Fusion, or numerous other(better built, higher MPG, styles) of cars for LESS… I ‘m not impressed by any version.
    Sorry VW fans.
    If this were 14-16K…Maybe.

  2. It took so long to finally see a new Golf/Rabbit that it’ll be years before the next redesign is introduced here.

    What can it be but a slightly sleeker box, anyway?

    VW’s best years in the U.S. were from it’s BUG era 40 years ago. Ever since VW went upscale, its cars have been overpriced and troublesome.

    I don’t understand why anyone buys VWs when there are so many better and more reliable choices.

  3. Completely agree with first 2 posters. There is no real reason for VW to exist. Even Audi, basically they have nothing that BMW can’t offer, they are just an alternative. VW has nothing that Toyota can’t offer with much higher quality and better prices (except diesels). They should have taken out VW along with the Nazis (btw, Hitler was the one who actually started VW, pretty interesting fact)

  4. ‘G’ said “Completely agree with first 2 posters. There is no real reason for VW to exist. Even Audi, basically they have nothing that BMW can’t offer, they are just an alternative.”

    You’re absolutely right, choice is a really terrible thing! We should do everything we can to eliminate choice for people buying cars.

    BTW the golf is a really good car and sells really well in Europe, because it’s designed for the European market. Europeans want smaller more expensive cars. Therefore as the Golf is a premium product it’s going to be more expensive than something like a US Focus because the dash board isnt made out of cardboard.

  5. I’m growing tired of the same front end and taillights on every VW, but I like this Golf.

    VWs have always been high on my list of desirability yet low on my list of consideration to buy. Being too expensive compared to competition and poor reliability kill them. But they just drive so darn well.

  6. When I said alternative, I meant they are the same thing. They don’t offer anything better than BMW. For this reason I would not buy one, of course you are entitled to buy whatever you like.

  7. The lights almost seem… I don’t know…

    I got what it is! They’re in between sticking up and part of a completely round front. I think all cars should be one or the other (or square-ish). When the lights are in between they make the entire car look awkward.

    Maybe. Something like that!

  8. One of my car mags just arrived in today’s mail. Road and Driver? Car & Track? They all look alike after a while.

    Anyway, it had a comparison test of a bunch of cars under $18K. Mazda3, Civic, Corolla, Wabbit, etc. All pretty good cars. Only one was a hatch: the Bunny. And it was the only car I could picture myself driving.

    Yeah, I wish VW had better quality and a lower price. But I feel strongly that there IS a place for VW in the U.S. market.

  9. There is a place for VW in the US market. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, etc are nothing more than appliances that do nothing for the driver. A VW offers an experience for the driver in a very ergonomic and stylish package that is anything but an appliance. I love VW and am on my second VW, in fact. I would only ever consider upgrading to an Audi and never to BMW or Mercedes. I would rather die than drive a Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, etc etc. I’d be better off driving a Kennmore to my office every day.

    Seriously, though, for those of you out there who do nothing but knock VW, you probably haven’t really driven one and are only going off of conjecture. I had an MKIV Jetta and never had a problem with it. I upgraded to an MKV Jetta 2.0T and couldn’t be happier…the car continues to surprise me and I think the only car to lust after will be the MKVI jetta when it is released.

    VW-4-Life 🙂

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