Next Mustang to come as a wagon?

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HZere is what illustrator Mark Stherenberger is thinking.
Meanwhile the current car should be getting a “facelift”for the 2009 model year which would include the new 3.5 Liter V6 as the base engine .

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  1. im probably the only person that thinks this but, why doesnt ford do something like nissan/infiniti did, and produce a line of cars based off of the 350z sports cars with the mustang. create a sedan, and maybe wagon/crossover based on the mustang. or at least reuse the lincoln platform without the live rear axle, doesnt make sense to have a good rear drive platform and waste it

  2. ford, a true american car company lets copy a dodge and call it are own…what a f****** joke. sorry fellas another peice of crap from ford.

  3. Sorry, but I think this THING is HIDEOUS! It’ll look better with the preproduction camoflage put on it.

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