Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V

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This is what Nissan says:
“The last great component of the new 2007 Sentra SE-R is price. We a’re targeting a price of around $20,000 for the Sentra SE-R Spec V ,– which means 200 horsepower for $20K ,– which we believe makes SE-R Spec V one of the best values in the sport compact segment”
The regular SE-R will be only offered with a CVT.No manual.
It uses the normal version of the 2.5 Liter engine with 177hp.

I guess these are actually 2 versions of the same car. The Auto with 177hp and the manual with 200hp.
Might not be a bad idea…

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  1. I don’t know if this will help Nissan’s sagging sales.
    They are about the only Asian sutomaker to (still) be lagging in sales(almost monthly, every month, so far this year) despite the Versa, new Sentra, and so on.

    Bring back the 23K Maxima’s(like in 1999)… and you would definitely see sales gains!

  2. knowing how bad nissan sentra se-r scored last time on reliability?

    No thank you! I’ll take a Civic Si if I’m that desperate

  3. It’s not a new idea; the previous SE-R was automatic, and the SE-R Spev V was a manual. No body kit this time… too bad, this car could really use it.

    What matters is that they reduce the torque steer. Hard, I know, because it’s simply a torquey engine and Nissan’s never been good at refinement issues like that.

  4. Wonderful, wunderbar, fantastico, Yumalicious! This little monster at 204 hp is incredible to drive. I did so just last week in Vegas. It has Recaro type seats, Huge Brembos, 6-speed, and a ton of other features. we drove it back to back with new 3 -series bimmer. Wait until you get behind the wheel, if you are that fortunate!

  5. One more choice in the “affordable” pocket-rocket segment…unfortunately this one comes in just a tiny notch above the Cobalt SS…even the same UGLY yellow!

    Does Nissan and Chevy make these to make the other guys (Si, TC, GTI) look that much better???

  6. Nissan spyking, your an idot. The seats are ricaro type but there are Nooooo Brembos. And what about the turbo that you spoke of before??? ummmm call me stupid but I don’t see any turbo… your a joke bro! Don’t worry, I won’t take it personal. Plus you never drove anything out in vegas.

  7. Poor simple folk, I don’t expect you all to grasp the concept that some people are in the know and some aren’t. By the way, it’s correct spelling is “Recaro”. , It does have Brembos and a turbo is following. Don’t be too quick to judge, you may have more than your foot in your mouth. …..Reporting from vegas, It’s the spyking!

  8. at this price, 5 speed manual(not available on Nissan here) for less than 16,800….and automatic is about 17,299(did not mention recling rear seats, either, a Big Plus for adults sitting in the rear seats)..0-60 w/automatic is 8.2, and around 7.8 with manual tranny. Can turbo this thing, for LESS than the cost of this SE-R, and have 23 more HP, too,on tC.Try again, Nissan(and why no hatch?).I ain’t wild about Toyota(due to MSRP, and less than exciting styling, and other issues)… But, the tC rocks.No One car touch it’s price, either, I don’t think even Hyundai’s Tibby can!Last time I like any SE-R was the original, 91-94 model.That was a good car. 14K if I recall(at a time when Altima was base priced 13-14K).Anyhow…. No. 17K. Perhaps.

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