No Chery for Bricklin

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It seems that, after all, Malcom Bricklin will not be exporting the Chery Chinese cars in the US after all.
Not sure what happened, but “they” say the recent Chery/Chrysler deal (where Chery will build the small Hornet for Chrysler) might have something to do with it.
Does that mean we won’t get Chery at all?
Or will they be sold through Chrysler?

Bricklin is said to now working on his own models, to be built in China (!)
What a weird mess….

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  1. I kind of knew what he was offering was too good to be true, to be honest it is too expensive to begin you can’t do this or do that.

  2. There will be no break for the great Vince Burlapp.
    I celebrate and work at the same time.

    I’ll keep posting, so keep watching…

  3. It is impossible to expect any businessmen to invest in multi-million dollars dealerships to distribute a chinese brand that nobody knows yet. Even if Chery ends up being popular and successful in a couple of years, who will pay the bills for those big buildings full of services in the meantime?

    When Kia came to the country, they started with used-cars dealerships to reduce the risks.

    Chery probably ”used” bricklin to get some info and experience in how to bring their products to the US but then prefered doing business with chrysler.

  4. Bricklin is a phony baloney charlatan.
    Think “Preston Tucker” here.

    Did anyone really expect anything from Bricklin other than hype and B.S.?

  5. North America has received a reprieve for now from the Invasion of the Chinese Automobile Manufacturing Domination! But unfortunately it is only a tempory one! Someday very soon they will overtake all of our manufacturing might! It will be a Dark Day for North America Indeed!

  6. Ya, i’m sure their quality and warranty will carry them far. It worked for the other commy’s, the russian Lada!

  7. Oh No!! No Chery’s for the US?? Whatever will we do?? And here I was all geared-up for a thinly disguised knock-off of some car that’s already been on sale over here for the last 5 years, but with all the build quality of… well… everything else they make in China. Thank God for small favors.

  8. The news clip is in the bottom righ thand corner(along with a picture of one of the dealership investors, or a few….it changes every time ya enter the site).—————————————————————-————————————Until I make Millions selling cars, imprting them(like Subie and even the “horrible” Yugo), I wont; knock the guy out right about his way of doing things.He’s whacky, though. I do not think he’ll pull this off( he took money, though, so if he drops the ball, he had better be able to pay these guys back. I heard he paid some $$$$ to Chery already???? I dunno. I know they wanted $$$ from this guy, and it was a real news story some 9-12 months ago). Leftlane news article:———————————-———————————— Maybe Bricklin got impatient? Who knows?OK, now , Vince, wasn’t being nasty with ya, since the news is all over the net…. but, ya gotta admit… old “tC” posted this up here before this thread…..Hope we are “cool”., ;-)I posted this on numerous sites, ( did not post it on the auto talk forums, though…. cause I posted it AM Tue EST… and they blocked it form being posted, unlike you…who did post it on this ROWE 750- thread.)take care/not offense.Vince, ya gonna be posting more new stuff this Thanksgiving weekend, or are ya taking a break?One last item: if bricklin is designing these things, should we be worried(more so than Chery desiging cars?)>

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