No “next” Pacifica

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Suppliers to Chrysler have said the development for the next Pacifica has stopped.
Which would mean, no next generation.

Are sales that bad?

I drove one last year and found it a really good car.
A weird move, especially at a time when families are getting away from truck based SUVs…

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  1. Pacifica suffered from two things: high price and “ignore-me” looks, perceived by the general buying public and media. Design wise, it’s ok, and not a standout like some of chrysler’s other offerings (300, Charger, Magnum). It offers the cleanest interior in the chrysler fleet, it’s elegant and good quality. As you noted Vince, the industry is moving towards crossovers like these. In a way, the pacifica is ahead of its time. the gen (if they choose to continue with it) could be the pacifica’s heyday. why give up on a creative design when you can lead the idustry with sportier and classier designs, using the same basic principal that the pacifica emphasizes? this happens all the time in the industry, a car ahead of it’s comes along, isn’t a success and is then give up on right away, and then someone picks up the pieces and enjoys the success, using the same original formula. think long term.

  2. From the very beginning, did anyone in Chrysler ask:”who in the world would pay 20,000 USD more than Caravan for a wagon that is as slow and as less fun to drive as a minivan, as thirsty and heavy as a SUV, and no freaken sliding doors for elders and children?” Sadly, Mercedes-Benz answered “nein nein nein, there will be a lot of people to move out of SUV for the sake of moving out of it.” Many people are willing to spend 30k on a family car, but it not only has to be damn good, it also has to be bang on for target audiences.

  3. I think that if you’re going to name something after your design studio, make it a good design!

    This was a straight no-way car. Good decision of cutting it.

  4. I know a couple with one kid who loves their Pacifica. Except for it being a gas-hog, they love its build quality, safety, flexibility, reliability, attractive styling, healthy list of options, and decent road manners for the price (loaded, $22k slightly used 10k miles).

    Maybe these things can be found in several other competitors instead, but this has been a compelling offering for many people.

    Often good ideas come at the wrong time.

  5. If you have the chance, look at the width of the doors. I’m not kidding, it’s up to one foot. This car is big outside but doesn’t seeem that generous inside.

  6. I looked at a Pacifica for a family car. I think that it’s much better looking than a minivan. Chrysler would have to to fix several things before I would buy one:
    1. As heavy as it is, it needs a more powerful engine.
    2. It needs a modern 6 or 7 speed automatic.
    3. It needs to be configured to seat at least 7.
    4. How about a hybrid to address milage?

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