No V8 for the MKS!!! (a.k.a they don’t listen…)

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They now claim the previous info was outdated.
The “V6 only” news was the right one…

That means Lincoln will compete with the Lexus GS, Infiniti M35/45, BMW 5 series, Mercedes E class, Cadillac DTS etc…
Without a V8!

Way to go….

Don’t get me wrong. I think in 2006, most v6 engines have enough power for 99% of luxury car buyers.
But the reality of the market place is different .
When everyone (except Acura) offers a V8, you’d better step up to the plate….

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  1. that and big lincoln sedans have always been a v8 only option, im sure the traditional buyers would like a v8 as well, thats the only thing they have ever sold was a v8 large sedan. that and if cadillac wants to run at least with cadillac on the sts, and dts they at least need to be competitive lincoln remains far behind cadillac. in terms of improvement….and ive heard the next rl will be offered with a v8, why would a volvo s80 which has never been offered with a v8 need one, but a lincoln that always not…ford is backwards

  2. Actually.. I do believethey decided to use a V8 and they are going to share it with Volvo. They changed their minds again. I forgot where I read that, sorry.

  3. Parent Ford! What are you doing? isn’t it enough that you’ve seriously downgraded yourself among the buying public who’ve looked up to you as innovators in design, technology and safety? isn’t it enough that you’re now looked upon as the joke of the automotive industry? How dare you dissappoint the very public who’ve bought and used your products so proudly, the ones whom you could not have done without? Lincoln used to be known for it’s unique design and elegant, high quality and superior power and at times dominating the luxury automobile market!

  4. No Surprise here, Ford has mStrategicaly, this will only further deteriorate lincoln’s image. The MKS is attractive but does not speak LINCOLN. it does not stand out in any way at all. Honestly, it looks like a combination of the Azera and the old XG350/300/Grandeur. At best, it will only be comparable to the Acura TL and not the targeted RL, 5 Series, E-Class and STS

  5. Well, I see Fords way for… uh sorry I mean backwards plan is proceeding well. Ford, repeat after me…PROOODDUUUUCCTT.. Sound it out if you have trouble saying it. I realize it’s been about 35 years since this word has been in your vocabulary…. Oh what’s the use, they are’nt listening anyway.

  6. And just WHY does Lincoln NEED a V8? Tradition?! Let’s see, is tradition about looking forward or looking backwards? Traditionally, Lincolns also ride on marshmallows, handle like boats, drink gas like no tomorrow, and spend days in the shop. Yeah, tradition has really helped Lincoln stay on top. So much for that idea.

    Does Lincoln NEED a V8 to keep up with competition?! Newsflash! Lincoln’s only competition is Ford. You’re only fooling yourself if you think anything else. People who buy Acura, BMW, MB, Lexus, Jag, Cadillac, etc. would still buy those cars even if they didn’t have V8s in them. No V8 in the world is going to lure those buyers to Lincoln. Sticking a V8 in the LS didn’t make it a winner. Lincoln needs to learn to build good desirable cars first, then worry about what goes under the hood.

  7. Step up to the plate…especially when the V8 you need is ready, in production and already sold… on 2 volvo products

    This is stupid indeed. There is no development cost for this engine and none of the risks associated in developing a new engine.

    They simply think the Lincoln brand is not on parity with Volvo (Volvo is more upscale)

    Maybe they are right…

  8. don’t worry about lincoln kids
    they are jdoing just fine without you.

    i will pick this car ofer any import.t he v6 in there will be better than a foreignn v8
    and that’s a fact

  9. Does a Lincoln need a v8?… DEPENDS… The MkZep is fine with the 300hp 3.7v6 that’s coming. The MkS -which is bigger than the 500- not so much. But the main thing ALL luxury cars (& wannabees) have to offer is CHOICE = the Ultimate Luxury! Since Mr. Mullaly has experienced at least one non-Fomoco luxury car, hopefully he’ll convince Uncle Bill & Co. to change…. even if it’s painful…. starting to hope it IS painful!

  10. “Lincoln needs to learn to build good desirable cars first, then worry about what goes under the hood.” I am not sure this makes sense, as what is under the hood has everything to do with a good vehicle and its desirability (not sure that is a word)!

  11. I believe the time is right to drop the gas guzzling 8 cylinders in every day cars. BMW has a big success with their turbo 6 cylinder which output is surpassing a normal aspirated 8 cylinder engine. You will see more of this engine in their lineup.

    So, Lincoln is answering to the higher fuel prices. You must have respect to this route…!!

  12. A twin turbo V6 sounds pretty great to me. If Lincoln is interested in an image of sophistication and forward thinking, this is a great plan. Who cares what the old farts romanticizing the “good ol days” of the V8 1965 Continental think? I’m 35 and this is the first Lincoln that I like… and would cross shop with a BMW. This is a beautiful car guys!

  13. I’m the one who made the prrrooooooddduuuuuccctt comment earlier. I MUST AGREE that I think that this car looks awesome. If the interior looks as good as the exterior and the car is built well (I’m sure it will as the Fusion/Milan was reported by Consumer Reports and I think JD Power for having better quality and build techniques), then I’m sure it will be a winner. HOWEVER, I do believe that a V8 should at least be an option. Cylinder deactivation would be nice too. I just see and hear a lot of people complain about the no V8 decision and I wonder how many sales they’ll lose to M45, GS430, future IS500, BMW 5 series, all Audi v8 series, also the big Chrystler rwd sedan and the future Holden coming stateside soon. Ford/Lincoln needs to compete, a decent V8 will help. All right I’m done bellyaching.

  14. Hall & Oates said it best… “you’re out of touch, you’re out of time…” I keep hoping they’ll start getting it right, but they digging really, really deep, and coming up with nothing.

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